The Ghosts of Kiambaa will Follow Ruto to his grave

Those women and children in that church will always bother you while you sleep. You have no value for life given that you are even denying that people have died of hunger in Turkana and Baringo

Ruto will never ever ever be president. Welcome home NV

Thats why I get annoyed every time some Kikuyus say they support RUTO knowing well he was part of the killings in PEV …

Lakini @HacktivistT kuwa radar usitiwe kitu kwenye kinyambis.

innocent people died on both sides, during the 07 conflict!!
If he answers for Kiambaa massacre, who takes the responsibility for the innocent kales who perished as well.
No life is more precious than the other, but it was war, maybe next time we define the rules of engagement a bit better…

utakasirika na ukitaka ujinyonge,hubwer.liwe liwalo

Jinga kabisa! Ati it was war?? Attacking defenseless people including women and children is war? Did kales tell Kiuks they are coming at a particular time so they can arm themselves?

All indications are that one Kibor was front and centre for the church. He is a free man who shoots at his own relatives, what does that tell you? If the smaller fish are not caught how do you expect to get the big fish?

Every time I begin to warm up to Ruto for working with Uhuru and securing the presidency, I remember this evil and the absolute zero effort he put into compensating the families of those who were hurt. in fact, his goons are now threatening a repeat of the same. Wakieza jua hiyo story vyenye huuma roho. Sometimes I feel like am falling sick and get so disgusted

Forget, forgive and move on. This is the true approach to "reconciliation and healing ".

cut the ruto shit for all,he is not the first corrupt politician you have heard on leave alone the endless time you fuck while listening to your soothing sounds of walking constitution analysts in your much loved program based on politics…people have been dying of hunger since your old grate grandparents collaborated and accepted goodies from the British.

What happened to that church and the compound? Was it turned into a memorial site?

Relax, am sure if there will be a next time, they will try to send notification for imminent attacks next time.
You have no clue what happened there

That’s just how things are done here

Enlighten us, since you seem to know more than everyone

Ruto anaingia mapema sana 2022

I also want to know. That’s how lightly we Kenyans see life. Let it be out there… none of our leaders are remorseful.

They don’t care and we ordinary Kenyans don’t have a way to make them care unless it’s during elections time.
There should be a mechanism to remove them midway through their term. Now that would return power to the voters

Itumbi kuwa mpole. 7B mlificha wapi? Rushia Mimi kakitu

…Ruto si mamayako bwana !