The Genuis in Raila VS Banana Republic

Ekuru or whatever has been in included in the ballot something that IEBC wasn’t prepared for.
What that means is that Elections date have been moved and its clear according to the court decision, it will be fresh elections.

This goes without saying that NASA fore new this decision was going to happen the way it has just happened. Hence the announcement yesterday.
Raila has played celebrity.
Like they all say. Information is power. Fresh election it’s. But the question is, what will change even in the face of fresh election? Is Raila bold enough to swap his role and let one of the junior lead. Let’s stand back and watch.

What if Raila opts to back Aukot?

Unasema nini lakini?

What makes you think IEBC wasn’t prepared for this outcome

Niliskia zangu ama the date is still the same?

and kalonzo!

Wakanyama long time man. Last week ID ilikua imepotea nilikua stressed mbaya. Lakini nikapata slay queen alikua ameibeba. Debe no ile ile

He will not clarify this one. Utangoja.

So HC has overturned the SC directive that elections will be within 60 days?

wake me up after hii upuss yote imeisha…

the election will still be held on the 26th of this month only that Ekuru and the others will be on the ballot paper. The silver lining for Rao is he gets to retire on his own terms and avoids losing a record 5 times.

Upuuuuuuuuuuuusi, election date not changed

IEBC ni wale wale

Who told you IEBC was not prepared? Ballot papers have not started being printed.
They couldn’t have started before the high court made its determination.

What is the likelihood that the other candidates go to court and demand to be included?

More so, any citizen can also go to court and demand to take part in the “FRESH” elections. Complicating all the plans of IEBC with only 15 days to the D-day.

Mativo amesema wale walikuwa nominated/in the previous ballot ndio wako entitled to be in the repeat. Hata mtu alipeleka kesi itakuwa dismissed.

This is exactly what my friend are missing up there. Fresh election means anyone who has ever dreamed that he/she can make it to the house on the hill is free to make that shot.

Yes, a big difference between REPEAT ELECTIONS, FRESH ELECTIONS, and RE-RUN.
IEBC decided to have a Re-run. Judge Motivo orders a Repeat, while the law/supreme court calls it “Fresh” elections.

I thought the high court decided that there is not time for fresh nominations. Ama nilisikia yangu?

unless there is an appeal then hakuna fresh nominations