The Gatheshas

Very toxic people, they like seeing Ruto fail, it should be part of government policy to examine and analyze how people of considerable economic means who wish nothing but for ruto to fail act, and act accordingly. if they’re playing polticis with economic stability, it is only right the it be considered in government policies, the same way we prepare for elnoni or long draught seasons, this is not a nothing issue, such statement should be carefully examined and considered

Isn’t he stating the obvious?!!


Lootall ni mikora mwizi jangiri humbwer

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You pathetic arse-wipe!



NCBA backed by Kenyattas. Associated with Assimio. Paid for this chieth. Nabii please continue to fix the handshake

Why are you obsessed with Kenyatta family. Focus on your own

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Anus licker umeona kile jagathi amefanya

Achana MIT graduate bana