The opening verses of the Bible talk about a very chaotic situation, with the heart being void and formless, with darkness reigning.

Considering that God is always perfect in creative work, how did the earth get to this state? Who had caused the less-than-perfect situation? And when? For what?

Please don’t take the bible literally.

what are you talking about?

Sorry. It was the earth being formless and void.

By the time we are meeting the diablos in chapter 3 of the bible, he has already fallen. We also know that after his fall, no place was found for him in heaven and he was cast down to the earth and messed things up in fury. If you can pinpoint when the fall happened, then you can know why the earth was chaotic when we first meet her in Gen chapter 1.

what is the theory?

There were previous humans that were destroyed (preadamic) .

where tf did you get this information from?

From Chaos comes order. I think it’s all in the truth,“the word”. Jordan Peterson says that the “word” truthful word brings potential into reality… The power of saying the truth, and it’s associated divine power to turn potential into reality…which is good

Is there a scriptural basis for this?

And another point, how do you marry the timeline of the dinosaurs, the Cambrian explosion, and the Genesis creation?

Genuinely interested.

The casting down of the devil didn’t happen immediately he sinned. Per Scripture (the best I can interpret it) is that Diablo was cast from heaven after the fall of man… After the sacrifice of calvary to be specific.

Here are my guiding texts:

  1. During the time of Job, when the Sons of God assemble before Him, the Devil still has a place.
  2. In Zechariah 3 the Devil is still found in heaven ready to accuse Joshua the high-priest (so he is still accusing the brethren)
  3. in John 12:31, right before the cross Christ declares that “NOW the prince of this world is judged. NOW the devil will be cast out”
  4. revelation12:1-12 is even more explicit in its assertion. The Woman with the Sun, Moon, and Twelve stars is Israel (Joseph saw the Sun, Moon, and eleven Stars bow: Sun: Jacob, Moon: WIves: Stars: Children)

Note that the war in Heaven breaks out after the messiah is taken up to heaven after the devil seeks to devour him (the male child)

Note carefully verses 9-12 (after the devil is cast down) Angels celebrate that the ACCUSER of brethren is cast down (this tells us that the devil is cast down after the fall of man because only SINNERS are accused)

Also note that after the devil is cast down, the angels say that some have defeated him by the BLOOD of the LAMB.

@Beenie what do you think of my theological school of thought?

The earth wasn’t chaotic, just unfinished.

In the beginning, the earth and the heavens were created, but only the earth was without form. The heavens are created and completed in the beginning, but the earth has to wait. It’s not chaos, just incomplete.

If you read genesis 1 and 2 it shows that there is a time lapse between the time He created the earth and the time the earth was void and full of darkness. First of all, God is light ,how could it be that earth was filled with darkness ?The same bible teaches that God is light and doesnt have any darkness in Him. It means that there was a form of judgement that took place on earth. Furthermore , God says that let us create man in our own image, it means that there were previous inhabitants created not in the image of God. I do believe that there was a preadamic race that existed before. I also believe that some of the skeletons that were found (zinjathropus, homohabilis, etc ) were the people in preadamic race

I have heard this doctrine before, but I find it too speculative.

God is light doesn’t mean what you think. The Holy Spirit is on the Earth, yet you don’t see his Physical Light do you?

The notion of a Pre Adamic race isn’t supported by any text, people have to do gymnastics with scripture to support the doctrine.

If there was a Pre Adamic race, then those people lived in darkness without the sun, moon, stars, and all heavenly lights… because these are created days before man.

The text is clear. Heaven and Earth are created at the same time, but the earth is W/O form… It’s not a judgement, it’s just that the creation is not yet complete.

Even on the second day, the earth is W/O form, because only light exists.

And God was in heaven, how do you expect His light on earth?

There is no scriptural basis for a Pre Adamic race.

There is a gap between Gen 1 and 2, but no, that doesn’t imply creation.

And read up on the evolution of man, most hominids don’t differ from apes.

They are either within the acceptable variation of human skulls, or within the accepted variation of ape skulls.

If there was a Pre Adamic civilization that made any form of technological advancement, we would be finding a lot of buildings, mechanical parts, not bones all the time

You’re thinking of God as a photon?

Jehovah is timeless. Then read about early time

How true is it that The Roman Catholic Church hid or altered some biblical texts, or is it just speculative?

Cataclysmic aftermath