The Future


I blocked this MF!
Umerudi kama NV.

Your stupid ass cant fathom the fact that these incidents occur because of overregulation… like the drug war, the more you suppress and ignore shit, the more interest you build. READ a book you idiot

I thought @Tom Bayeye and @tall mnyama everywhere were just being sarcastic when they kept saying your’e a sewage disruptor. Guess it’s true

You don’t understand, I love traps.

Wuuuuuuuui. Thenkiu Kemoi for pointing this out. I was just about to complain to the admin as I never see his posts and here I was. Pia hii handle ikule block saa hii.

Wacha kuitana, leta mkundu yako nipasue sawasawa

Wewe Mrs. Shosho unaniblock na sijawahi sumbuana na wewe. Sawa tu. Endelea kupanguza matako ya wazee huko Randan ukijifanya umeomoka. Uppity old bitch.

Nilikusho utaenda Vladivostok :D:D:D:D

so the big fight that was promised is just a fart:D:D:Dthe death of MAGA will write history books