Evening ktalkers am much concerned about the depreciating KSH what happening is it that the dollar is becoming stronger against all other currencies or is it that tourists dollars have deserted us… I have been contemplating to change all my freaking ksh savings since Feb but alas it seeems its toooooo LATE . sasa tuko almost a hundred for a dollar . The big question is will the ksh appreciate within this year ama it will continue on its downward spiral… personally i see it go up to 150…

Hawalas were the ones that were really helping the shilling to stabilize against the dollar. Now it’s hard to get the otherwise readily available dollar especially in eastleigh. They were experts in dollar laundering.

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Choices have consequenses you have dinyad the point! Spot on kaka!
Hapana cheza na Marekani ikifika mambo ya Oil and Natural resources. You Flex your Oil muscle,they unleash terror in the name of Al-kebab (a non existent army that is puppettiered and funded by them) to suit their own economic interests and not even a Jaluo american president can do shit to stop them. Profit and Dividends is all they care about and nothing else matters!NOTHING!!!

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So being

So, kind sir, being black and The US president at the same time is equivalent to being a marionette at a huge circus

Big multinational corporations run the First world economies because without them,their countries wouldn`t be “First World”. Do you know how many Pension Funds are invested in Shell/BP alone? Haya basi,jijazie mapengo!

why do you personally see the KeSh going to 150?

Don’t blame the shilling, the US economy has really improved in the last year

Remember that the dollar is going ever strong on most currencies. We havent even lost as much as euro

Na si unapenda hekaya

Ubaya wenu kila kitu ni hekaya. Kabuda is right corporations ndizo zinasema kwa hii dunia. Juzi sii I read a story here that Nigeria, Africa’s top oil producer na ina shortage ya mafuta??? Kwani hio mafuta inaenda wapi??? These corporations were behind Buhari’s victory and now that he won the oil is theres.

@Ka-Buda … ni ghasia tu… his opinion dont count. Dereva wa lorry ya mavi… aende akanyonye makende ya mbuzi ya @kamkuywa

Am also worried about this ferkin Ksh it keeps losing value gadamn it…I miss the days it used to be 76 for a dollar

Those were the days US economy was a wreck!

Most global currencies are weakening against the dollar. Hata naira, rand, CFA etc.

the strength of all world currencies has weakened. its a global phenomenon but currencies will begin stabilizing towards August.

True the dollar is gaining due to improving economy in the US but also money policies from CBK will help stabilize the KES. There is a meeting to be held sixth of next month but we do not have a governor(partially to blame). We can also expect interest rates to be reviewed upwards…and more econ stories that can put elephants to sleep

Useless conspiracy theories zitawaua kwanza wewe @sheep

you are deeply brainwashed