These four commissioners are the ones frustrating all of Chebukati’s bills.

  1. Consolata Nkatha Maina - Ring leader
    2)Abdi Guliye
    3)Boya Molu
    4)Paul Kurgat

what do you expect

The log on the eye…

Shit this is turning into fb with such threads

One of those proposals by Chebukati was to push 26th election after Raila withdrew. Thank God the majority had the wisdom to refuse.

Meanwhile, these are the 4 Judges frustrating Njoki Ndungu and Jackton Ojwang.

  1. David Maraga
  2. Philomena Mwilu
  3. Smokin Wanjala
  4. Isaac Lenaola

I think its simple. Commissioners dont vote. Hata if they were NASA commissioners, Raila would still not have won. He still wount win on October 26th.
But i can bet you Nasa will be heading to court on November 2 to invalidate the results of October 26th. Either way, we have a long way to go untill everything returns to normal.

Huyo mama vice chair.nasoma maneno take kwa whatsapp.if true then Ni mfyam.

mjadhe leta effidense buanaaa

@GeorginaMakena huyo nkatha ni dada yako

Nkatha is the real Chair in IEBC, huyo mzee mbukusu is ceremonial

What is her academic background for starters? Based on my first question how did she manage to get the job?

Pukusu is qualified for the job


After Uhuru signs the electoral laws we put an end to this madness. On October 28th, President Uhuru is declared winner of the election and sworn in at Uhuru Park by Njoki Ndungu on October 31st. Maraga will be revisited very soon…

He will sign the bill at the last possible moment.
But one thing is for sure, NASA areadly have a judge in standby to give temporarily orders to stop the bill from taking immediate effect.

Jubilee has always been a step behind NASA all through from august 8th. They are trying to do catch-up.

Jubilee is thinking about campaigns , elections and how to avoid nusu mkate. While NASA is thinking of ways to stop the election, make this country ungovernable and ways to get nusu mkate.

Don’t you worry, Injustice Odunga will also be revisited. Kenya is much bigger than him.