The fool Trump...

…killed NATO. Now he is threatening Turkey for buying for herself the S400 system…argues that it is not compatible with ([SIZE=1]obsolete[/SIZE]) NATO systems…


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Watu wakae na shida zao

Genius. Kill Nato. Every member buy weapons to protect herself. More business to US.

[SIZE=7]Turkey Explains Why It Preferred Russia’s S-400 Missiles to US Patriots[/SIZE]
© Sputnik / Sergei Malgavko
Military & Intelligence
11:23 06.04.2018(updated 11:39 06.04.2018) Get short URL
Ankara failed to agree with Washington on the transfer of technology related to the Patriot missile systems, which is why it has signed an agreement to be supplied with Russia’s S-400 missiles, according to the Turkish presidential spokesman.
The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News cited Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish President’s spokesman as saying that “work for delivery of Russian S-400 missile defense systems within 2019 has been finalized,” which is not the case with the US Patriot interceptors.
Singling out “objective criteria” on purchasing foreign air defenses, Kalin specifically stressed Ankara’s priority pertaining to the joint production of such systems.
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"We could not agree with the production company of the Patriots [during previous talks],"while the Russian side has “taken quicker steps,” he underscored.
Kalin made it plain that Ankara would go ahead with talks on the purchase of the Patriot systems if Washington “meets the required conditions.” According to him, “the ball is in the US’ court.”
© AP Photo / Michael Sohn
Two soldiers run toward Patriot antimissile systems. File photo
Kalin also said that Turkey’s NATO membership will not affect Ankara acquiring the S-400 systems, which he recalled are being purchased for defense purposes. According to him, it will not pose a threat to the alliance.
Speaking at a press conference after his talks with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow and Ankara have agreed to speed up the delivery of the S-400 systems to Turkey.
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In December 2017, Russia and Turkey signed a loan agreement on the purchase of the Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile systems.
The deal stipulates that Russia will supply Turkey with four batteries of the S-400s, to be maintained by Turkish personnel. The initial delivery of the batteries to Ankara is planned for the first quarter of 2020.
© Sputnik / Alexei Malgavko
S-400 Triumf anti-air missile system enters service in Russia’s Sevastopol. File photo
The parties also agreed on technological cooperation in order to develop the production of similar missile systems in Turkey.
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Late in February, the Turkish newspaper Haberturk cited an unnamed US official as saying that Washington is concerned about Ankara’s push to buy Russian S-400 systems.
The official warned that it may “negatively influence the interoperability of NATO” and that the White House may introduce punitive measures in response.
“We want to help Turkey find a better alternative to meet its air defense needs,” the official said.
Earlier, it was reported that Washington is doing its best to prompt Ankara to buy the Patriot systems instead of the S-400s.

turning out the opposite and the architect’s not liking it at all.

someone need to lecture him on the law of unintended consequences…Adam Smith’s hidden hand…

USA is on panic mode. It is being pushed out from number 1 position globally and the Americans don’t know how to accept this new reality. China is taking over global trade and investments and Russia is taking over in military hardware sales.
Things are falling apart. The orange guy has accelerated the fall through glaring missteps.
The only thing holding the US is that the dollar is the global trade currency and even that is facing challenges.


for how long more? a currency needs goods moving to back it up. The moment countries realize it is more economical to buy RMB to buy chinese goods (rather than an intermediary currency) the Yuan will appreciate and the dollar slide down…

I was watching a documentary on youtube on the china vs usa trade war and the chinese official put it in simple terms that america can not come to terms with the fact that china will no longer be the small brother and sooner or later they will be bigger than them.
And he went on to state that china’s population is 4 times bigger than the states and that means that chinese economy should be 4 times bigger than the states economy.

msito erdogan hapana tambua upuzi.

Exactly how did Trump kill NATO?!

Just google “How Trump killed NATO”…

Jibu swali. It’s a simple question. You brought up the topic which means you have an explanation of sorts.

Wekelea explanation yako hapa of how he is killing or outright killed NATO.

:D:D:D Patriot antimissile

Ngoja kwanza nipeleke kamori kwa AI narudi.

Unired stales of Murica


Niaje patricia

Tuseme jina ya documentary I add it to my collection