The first total solar eclipse since 2017

passed over parts of South America yesterday.
cc: @Soprano

…long…long time ago in the year 2017.

when we voted twice …
[SIZE=3](endeleza heka)[/SIZE]

When we boycotted safaricom in the people republic

Nataka ile Eclipse kali mchana kukuwe usiku kabisa. Ile watch inakuambia ni saa nne but kunakaa saa tatu usiku.

when mzae showed symptoms of pinworm infection pale bama while calling judiciary wakora


Camera za kupiga picha kama hizi… how much?

@Riva njoo usaidie mzee

Wewe wacha kwanza! :D:D:D
LG V20 kwanza.

mangapi hio phone

:D:D:D and you had to remind us so…

Old product. October 2016.

New from official store on AliExpress, 35K. Used/refurb dual sim 16K. Used/refurb single sim 12K. It’s a Powerful machine that you can use to supplement your official phone. Has band 28(700) so that you can use your faiba line on it. And WiFi hot-spot.
I badly need a router.

hapo sawa