The First Thing On An African's Mind is To Steal

From government employees to those in the private sector that is the sole aim that comes to their heads. Gov employees also want to supply goods and services to the same gov that pays their salaries and do so at 5 times the prevailing market price. On the other hand private sector employees want to steal from their companies by forging paperwork such as invoices and delivery notes. Some stupid bonobos also loot family business such as the multi Billion empire of Turskys Supermarket or the crumbling Njenga Karumes vast estate. Michuki family has also not been spared as the kids are in and out of the courts. Lets see if Moi’s Loot will cause chaos.

This habit of stealing is a remnant of a jungle habit of stealing fruit from fellow cavemen. Will take millennia to overcome

To steal from a mhindi employer is even viewed as heroic in the villages.

If you count the number of companies and Parastals that have gone under due to mismanagement you will be shocked.

Posta, KNTC, Kenya Rail Ways, Kenya Airways, Uchumi, Turskys, Nakumatt, Kenya Power (Billions in loses due to Tokens Scandal, Transformer scandal) that is just Kenya, go to Nigeria, Ethiopia, …

@Ndindu is right when he says that Akili ya Mwafrika iko down sana. We have a long way to go.

kwa hivo ata wewe pia ni mwizi, anyway uwizi ya wakenya inaanza right from birth, mtoto anazaliwa hosi, nurse anamuiba, ama mamake anaiba diapers zile free, mtoto naye annaanza kuiba sukari ya mamake. my friend this thing is with us

This habit of stealing is a remnant of a jungle habit of stealing fruit from fellow cavemen. Will take millennia to overcome

I disagree.before coming of white man people didn’t steal like now,it’s when white man came African society broke down,homeguards took over and upto today they are not ready to let go.those doing right are being asked,where was your grandfather when other grandfathers were stealing?


On ama in an African’s mind?

Lack of resources prompt stealing and other vices, scarcity is power and the establishment will rob the populace blind not because they require more resources but because the majority poor will toe the line.

The problem with Uncle Tom’s is they never look deeper into history, nor documentaries. They are satisfied with the rhetoric that the black man singlehandedly ruins his own path.

But how can a man devoid of any measure of critical thinking exercise caution, when the very lesson of choice and consequences is muddled and befuddled by fairy tales (religion) which the poor nutter is subjected to from day 1?

Religion is a psychological weapon which effectively rewrites critical capacity, there’s a reason why missionaries arrived first to spread the good word.

The seeds are planted deep into your subconscious, the average man cannot fathom the link between the conscious and subconscious so he believes in fate or witchcraft or some other sort of nonsense in a feeble attempt to make sense.

So why do people steal? Because they can… Because no one can stop them.

We are not the same, even in this village tribal bigots and alternative lifestyle fruits will try to impose their school of thought on us. It will never work, the price to pay for living in a world choked with opinions is alienation.