The Fear of one's MUM...TRUE STORY

1:10 aki won’t lie kuna time nakumbuka niliogopa kungoja kichapo and packed my stuff and kuelekea stage ya mat…the wait was stressing…don’t even remember what i did…but i rem the stress and those shiny kids bags nilijaza clad na kutembea hadi kwa stage
I swear this caused a relapse of an incident ya chuo … just their was no camera…niliosha hao …hadi kuclean nguo zake na kuzipiga pasi [ATTACH=full]149100[/ATTACH]
But nakumbuka mboch akidai niko kwa room niliruka nje ya window na kupanda roof…matha hana mercy anarusha slippers…mbao…plastic covers za bako …kuniwahi…swear it was fear of an ass whooping cuz I was caught with cigarettes in school…she had it with my shenanigans za shule…ass holes had called her at work and told her about it
I tired her out but i swear toka hio day …was on top of everything abt fucking around…I swear she would have killed me
R.I.P Rome though

can you work on the Indents and alignment on the memes/words alafu tutaweza kusoma bila ku strain…hekaya reminds me kuna wakati nimekata chuo na hata pre molars bado zilikua hazi form vizuri…nilipewa ma slippers kwa a%% nikatiii. i was wailing kama ile ngombe @MluhyaMsapere after kushikwa akikula lanye kwa tent ya watchie

Wewe ni tanye sanaaa

heheh his sister has a cheeky smirk on her face

they all had that he gon get it tonight face…the sis snitched the momment the mom asked where he was…big bro ndo ananibamba…nigga had his chips and was just chilling on the couch laughing…you can tell amepitia mob…

I once ran and hid in the watchman’s shed/structure. Had re-enacted a WrestleMania drop-kick move on a neighbor’s Kid called Marvin. I knew I won’t be let off the hook. Funny thing is when old man was told about it a week later he could not stop laughing at me and asking me how I pulled off the move. Good thing they never banned watching wrestling in the house afterwards

Don even remind me of a time in play group times…The jungle gyms we had in our school was a place boys used to mess around with…Unashika mse using your legs and try and pull them down ama you kick them hadi awachilie…fucked up a rich muslim kid and broke his arm…I was thinking that i was gonna be expelled or some shit…funny it was the admin ndo walifanyiwa combi from both parents…but sadly the kid left by next term and his was my friend mbaya…