The falling bodies of Kasarani

My morbid obsession with true crime has been captured by two lovely young Kenyans. Jeff Mwathi and Brenda Kawira. I keep seeing their already dead bodies falling through the cold morning air.

I replay the way they ended up being ‘suicide’ cases. They trusted people they should not have and paid for it with their lives, in the prime of their lives. I remember looking at Jeff Mwathis mother looking over her son’s grave and tears welling up in my eyes. Thinking about what the last moments of his life were like. He was crying, begging them to stop. Kawira clawed at her beloved boyfriends wrists as he was killing her. As she was dying, her life flashed before her eyes. The love they made. The plans they had. Her scholarship in Australia and her beloved mother’s warnings about not living with men who have not been to see your parents.

I am in a dilemma of sorts with everything that is happening in this country. I wonder when my beloved mother land fell in to the abyss it is in, where the police cover up murders of innocents with suicide. Who can you trust anymore in this country. I used to love my motherland. Now I am just deeply disillusioned. Look at the people we have as our leaders or as our protectors. What became of my country. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset. Days and years on end filled with corruption and injustice. We learnt to accept and move on. Now this is where we find ourselves.

If you told someone that a group of young Kenyan men would conspire to rape an innocent boy and kill him and then try to make it look like a suicide and get not just the cops but the pathologist to cover up for them, would you have believed it possible in Kenya.

I was in my ivory tower. My sheltered life. I began to hear about college girls being killed by boyfriends and exes. It became so common that there was no longer any outcry. Have we become so soulless that killing people who love us, people who trust us is as easy as drinking a cup of hot cocoa. Something has shifted in our collective consciousness. We are dying. Morally. Spiritually. Our god is money. If you have money to pay people off you can get away with anything.

Your dad can help you kill your girlfriend and have it categorised as a suicide. I think it’s time we call out the wailing women to cry out because something very demonic is falling over our nation. Worse is coming.

May God bring justice for these poor souls.

Depression is Real Guys | KenyaTalk

This is also a possible Homicide on Lumumba Drive Kasarani area.

Rudi Kollege usome mambo na Crime Scene Investigation na Forensics. Na ujue Forensics ni broad. Chagua branch moja.

Looks like he was depressed brazza. Most likely suicide. By the time one is exhibiting visible signs of being depressed, then he is really badly off.

Yes, he was depressed but the circumstances surrounding his death are also questionable. He went to the US in Feb to look for greener pastures and it looks like he was deported.