The fall of Ramadi

The iraq & syria conflict is very interesting if you follow it closely…ni kama vindeo…ni kama ndrama. Yesterday ISIS over run ramadi, iraqi’s capital of the second largest province as the iraqi army fled and left heavy weaponly and large weapon storage warehouses in the hands of ISIS, the Anbar province is important strategically and during the iraqi war the US occupied it for 8 years but suffered heavy losses (1500) deaths.[ATTACH=full]5604[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5604[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5605[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5606[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5607[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5608[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5609[/ATTACH]

1st pic iraqi forces retreat after the defeat.
6 th photo weapons depot warehouses abandoned.

Daesh has moles in the Iraqi military and government. The devils have powerful supporters.


True dat

Whats up with this arab countries? All stable but once it starts to fall everything falls afghan,syria,iraq,libya,yemen ???

And Israel

Last year at around this time Mosul also fell to the Dhaesh saa zile the Iraqi forces wako busy trying to regain it…IS ndio hao always ahead wame attack Ramadi…this is a very big setback to them… They had to seek help from Shiite militia and Iran Army and also US air strikes to re culture Mosul

Mark you Ramadi is only 100 km from Baghdad. The coming weeks are going to be ugly

It’s all sectarian conflict…the Iraqi Gvt is made up predominantly of the Shia Muslims…while Anbar province is predominantly Sunni…this conflict will go on for ever…mpaka siku zile they will have broad based Government incorporating al the faiths…

Hata hiyo haiwezi saidia. Adherents of those two sects really hate each other.

Hii yao ni chuki, there is this supremacy war between the two muslim groups each wanting to show its might. So even if the sunni get the power to form the government still vita itaendelea tu.

Arabs doing what they do best. Slaughtering each other. Now they have exported their madness to Africa

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This is not the first time the Iraqi army has left a lot of weapons to these guyz. At the start of the conflict they left a whole barracks full of humvees and tanks for ISIL, in fact that was what gave them the muscle to carry on the war. Coincidence?

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Al Maliki was really the wrong person for the job of the PM…and the U.S. backed him to the hilt for 10 years…he was the one who promoted the sectarianism…sahii US ,Iran( army and hezbollah), Iraqi army and Shiite militia are all fighting together against ISIL who are predominantly Sunni who are backed by the ideological teachings of Saudi arabia…what a mess…does it even make sense anymore


Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran this is one of the geopolitical events that has made me not to trust any of the western Capitals, They have perfected the art of double speak. Saudi Arabia is synonymous with Wahabilism, one of the most extreme or what they like to say “purest” form of Islam. Most terrorist activities around the globe can in one way or the other be traced to Saudi Arabia, either funding or ideologically. The west condemns Islamic Extremism while Saudi Arabia is one of its most trusted allies in the Middle East


US wamejaribu kujitoa kwa hii noma lakini wapi…they keep getting pulled back…now they have to work with their enemies like Assad and Iran…infact if it wasn’t for Hezbollah and Iran republican guards Asssad would have been history by now and Baghdad would been overrun…I read in some article that the Syrian army doesn’t want to fight any more they routinely ignore orders attack…sell weapons to rebels…the hez keep them in check and force them to fight…

True dat…

I think not. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the players in this war were following a script. Funnily enough, the US has been “carrying out airstrikes against ISIS” for like a year now. Airstrikes that seem to have the magical effect of making ISIS stronger. Go figure.

Contrary to popular belief IS has its root in Iraq actually from Saddam intelligence services…no one even knew the real leaders…Al Bagdadi was just a figure head…check this ourinteresting read

with all the conflict in such a region with its oil wealth, one would expect the price of oil to rise; there were blood diamonds in sierra leone but we dont have blood oil? The price has taken a plunge that has hit Russia and Venezuela (these two countries have a lot in common esp. in their dealings with uncle sam) really hard. There is an over supply of the commodity, I read somewhere ISIL makes $1.8 million dollars a day from oil. Incidentally, the U.S and Israel have failed to cut this source of funding. Does the U.S or Israel lack the intelligence or resources to cut this funding? :cool: