The Fall of Mobutu and Rwanda's role in it....


In the 80’s and 90’s the west projected their needs for cobalt would rise enormously in the decades to come. That mineral is found in mines in DRC. Mobutu was a faithful puppet for decades but his greed was unsustainable. They had killed the former president to install him and he had let them take the nation vast resources for a song as long as he is given just enough to live like a king and maintain control of the nation. However as Mobutu grew older/senile his demands and decisions become even more erratic. When those become increasingly hard to meet, he threatened to renegotiate the mining contracts. Immediately he had to go. usa and eu spy agencies turned to the regions blue eye leaders at the time. President Museveni and President Kagame. Finances, weapons, training and logistical support was given to them arm a rebel group in Eastern provinces to seize the region and move onto Kinshasa and take power. Kabila snr whom many thought dead reemerged and led the rebellion. However UG and Rw military led the battle. Mobutu went, Kabila came and the mining continued. Citizens of DRC live in the most mineral rich country in Africa but can’t have peace or benefit because the west is busy stealing it for their own industries.

The looting of DRC by neighbours has led to massive enrichment of a few elites e.g. M7 family, Rwandese Generals,Ugandan Generals and sevral regional and intl businessmen.

If you read the UN report on looting of the DRC you will be amazed

Africans have to come together. There is always one willing to sell us out. If we all man up, we can mount a good challenge. The West knows who and what to exploit. The African runs behind him. It’s a real shame.

You should realise that at the end of it all its up to Africans to get their shit right…the west interference is just an excuse…

Let me give you a hint. Museveni and Kabila are not going anywhere anytime soon. They will change their constitution to have endless terms and the west will pretend to criticise them but they know with them their illegal mineral caravan routes continue unhindered.

Kabarebe who headed Kabilas army in DRC now heads the Rwandese Defence Establiahment.

If I am President, I would plunder South Sudan like hell. And any other country I can. It’s just how it is.

I read somewhere that Mobutu deliberately refused to build roads so people could not meet and plot to remove him from power. Hata ujinga ni kipawa. He also had a very weak army, so that soldiers couldn’t overthrow him. He amassed a lot of wealth, yet education and health standards were among the worst in the world. How can you have such an unpatriotic person as a president for decades?

That’s why some racists claim Africans are retarded. But the problem was not the ordinary Congolese since Mobutu was imposed on them. A variant of the people who imposed Mobutu on the Congolese also want to impose Rao on Kenyans.

Compare that to North Korea (which has very little natural resources when compared with DRC)where, from recent happenings, it is clear that their education standards are 1st class, their engineering up there with the best in the world. In case they are attacked, they have the capacity to fight back.

If Mobutu had invested heavily in education and development, he would probably have ruled upto his death.

True, Mobutu realized that tarmacked roads make it easier for rebels to quickly advance to the capital to overthrow him. With earth roads, he has enough time to organize a counter offensive.

That was a certified idiot.

If I were President, my first aim would be to build nuclear weapons. Every country in the United’s Nations security council is armed to the tooth with nuclear arsenal, actually the likes of colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam are the only weaponry they missed in their arms cache. With such might I would unite Africa and make the rest of the world pay for atrocities commited towards the black man from slavery to colonialism et cetera, but then again if wishes were horses…

Mobutu simply grew too old and sick to fight anymore. At his end years, he was battling cancer and couldn’t fight. His income channels had grown too thin to maintain a faithful brutal military and police force. This is because he had destroyed a functioning government with credible revenue streams. He chose to take a flight to exile and death.
At his helm, Uganda and Rwanda would be no match for him.

I agree, the Mobutu who betrayed Lumumba was far more ruthless than the Mobutu of the mid to late-1990’s.

He mainly relied on paid mercenary from Belgium and France…he was not powerful…

Yes, he was powerful.