The elections were credible and free of corruption. The only problem was pure incompetence by IEBC.

Truth be told the current IEBC is pure shit. Not because they were influenced but simply owing to lack of knowledge in doing their jobs. Look at the former IEBC chair Issaq, that guy knew his shit and followed guidelines to the latter. Raila protested in court but lost horribly. The current IEBC have been caught off guard in many instances leading to countless petitions that has cost the taxpayers. Whether you are in support of Jubilee or Nasa you have to look at this issue in a whole new light.

Aiiibisii needs to get rid of its whole legal team! They’re a bunch of incompetents.

The first mistake was to cave in to Raira’s demands for the Isaac Hassan IEBC to go, so some mistakes are innocent because they have been on the job for less than a year and some mistakes have been intentional…

There is more at stake than simply supporting a political side. IEBC cocked up an election. It’s like Nairobi Water fucking up the water supply. It’s a very slippery slope.

Due to perceived presence of corruption in some sectors, some people will not be convinced that a race has be worn fairly.
I hope if Uhuru is returned into office, he will make dealing with corruption an important part of his term in office.
If he had been a bit vocal against corruption, fraud and bribery no one would claim there was election fraud but rather issues would be technical and non-deliberate human error. No justifical for the disruption that has been created.

The last election was best kenya have ever had, what happened is some sabotage by some commissioners and judges. Some commissioners intentionally created technical errors while some judges made ridiculous rulings. These individuals include odunga, Akombe, Chebukati and Maraga among others.

In hindsight I think IEBC should have been reconstituted before the elections, that way Babu would participate and get the ass whopping he deserves, by withdrawing he’s denied Jubilee supporters what they wanted. Hata hivyo RWNBP.