The Economist endorses Guka Biden

Not sure if anyone gives a ferk but anyway here it is:

Mzito Biden an Extention of Obama and kogelo.
8 more years of Obama.

Biden anaingia 6 kabla fala aweke Twitter Message

Majority of the people commenting are Africans/Nigerians saying how they love Trump and wish he would win. I dont think they know why they wish that because of low IQ… Anyway i want him to win because of peace in Africa, because Trump leaves us alone. But in no way do i think he is wants the best for us, he just doesn’t care about us. But many low IQ africans in the comment section ofcourse, living in poverty in their shitholes and focusing what is happening abroad from a president who thinks nothing but low of them. Hehe. Trump2020.

:D:D:D:D:D… inconsequential endorsement!!! Senile and mentally unstable Byeden will be a burden to americans as a rabid dog Vp feminist and racist massacres men and minorities.

Economist is part of the evil NATION all Americans know that, four more years trump

Calling Biden Guka as if Trumpf is a young man!!! Uliza Ngina

Funny how major publications huko majuu openly endorses candidates. Hapa acha nation itangaze rife rife inasupport opposition, and Matiang’i will find ways to shut it down while bonobos will no longer be watching NTV. Case of SK macharia and idiots who said they’d be watching K24 ju ndiyo ya munene

The New York Times also endorsed Biden but Trump also calls them the “failing New York Times” so tit for tat is fair. :smiley: What matters is the people and we love Trump for free!

For me, what’s happening in France removed any iota of doubt about Trump. We forget so quickly how Islamofascism was taking root during Obama’s tenure. Nice, France will be a normal occurrence in Biden’s America and we can’t allow that to happen!!

Approved .it sucks how noogles are wishing that clown success a clown who thinks about his country only and doesn’t care about shitholes, Wacha wapambane Na hali yao I don’t care of west or east countries infact if they perish the better so that the capitalism vimpirism ends forever

hehe, you low IQ bedwnch :D:D France have themselves to blame for terrorising muslim countries for decades so that those muslims must flee their country into Europe and France. As you sow so shall you reap.