The Earth is Flat

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The earth is triangular you stupid cow

ametuchafua macho meffi yeye

Your lady’s toe nails = chimpanzee… No hatin bro irris warirris

The Earth is bent and cubed!!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Body shaming mlikatazwa na our very own knockedknees @DeliciousShiko.

Of course it’s flat where there are no hills or mountains.

o_O:eek::eek::eek: those toes… macho imechafuka

Uko na fetish attraction na toes. Mine is always female knees

Look now what you have done:eek:

Peleka yeye hapa naniii. Atapenda wewe zaidi.

The earth is fukd up

Those toes are like “tumee ama tusimee…argh tuko tu sawa tukae vile tuko”

Those toes are ugly. Hope her face makes up for it. But most pretty girls have nice toes so hapa ni kitendawili…

When you sleep kwa bed alafu she starts teasing you with these toes under the covers si unapata injury?

Ktalk csi sas zingine jo!


Woman’s not toe :smiley:
Aki you people are wicked… You’ll burn in hell, chei!!

Is this at Kim for Love?

Which may lead to tetanus.