The Dreaded P1 Teachers

I do not remember whether I had even put on underwear that day. However, the episode has stuck in my mind for all these years.

I was in class five. We had earlier on (at around 9 a.m.) been sent home to go and come back with our parents because of noise making. The reason for this is because the seven of us who were on the noisemakers list were also on the list the day before. To make matters worse the TOD was Mr. Njoroge. Interestingly, we were in the same class with Mr. Njoroge’s eldest son, Antony. This was one hell of a teacher and the only way you could escape punishment from him was if Antony was also in the mix. On these two occasions, his son was not in the list. On the previous day, he had canned us six strokes each. However, today, he ordered us to remove our shorts and remain naked before the entire class. We refused given that in the list was Mwangi and his cousin Karanja plus I, Mine_rva three tough-headed boys. So, he ordered us to go and bring our parents. But then, you know some of these parents, have no sense of urgency at all. I suspect most of us like myself took porridge and were told to “just go back I am on my way” and so we came back to school without our parents and proceeded to the football pitch.

Around noon we were informed to assemble in front of the staffroom (we used to call it kichinjio because if you were taken there when all the teachers are present, ungejua kwa nini kuku hakojoi na anakunywa maji). We were about 100 hundred noisemakers all from different classes. Mr. Njoroge and the headmaster coolly told everyone to go and check in the if their parents had come, if not then you go to the left. I knew she had not come; I went to the left together with at least thirty other boys. We were told to lie down in a single file. We knew what was coming and nobody wanted to be among the first in the line. In the end, I found a space about mid-way amongst everyone and waited for my turn. Friends, the sheer mention of the name Mr. Njoroge would send shivers down your spin. He had no mercy for student’s buttocks. To give you a hint, those who had not been caned were crying while those who had been caned had that look on their faces between crying and smiling.

Coincidentally I hadn’t worn my khaki inside the school shorts and so I was just like that. About ten people to where I lay, I said “not yet”. And went to lie beside the last person, as he came closer I don’t remember where I got the guts, what I know is I jumped like an antelope when he was still far from where I was and took to my heels. Unfortunately, those who had been caned didn’t want me to go scot free. They gave a chase and so through the gate we went “huyoo …huyoo.” Fortunately, I outran quite a number by seriously wailing when somebody got too close and then they would start laughing and back off. This gave me an edge…and whenever I think of this i always fast forward to when we were in primary six. The teachers became even more cruel. They used to send this guy Saimperere home to replenish their stock of canes and the guy would do a splendid job coming back after three hours with a whole bunch of njartuyan canes. Njartuyan is a Maasai name for a type of a dark brown cane that rarely breaks. But like Eneke the bird who claimed that man had known how to shoot without missing and so it had also learnt to fly without perching, we had devised a survival tactic. There was a friend my classmates used to pay and he would sew a lining of mattress inside their underwear which was made from cut jeans trousers. I decided not pay him and did the job myself. Unfortunately, when I went to school with my final product, I walked as if I was twerking. I had put an unusually heavy lining…and then we were called for noise making. I happily went to the staffroom. When my turn came I dived on floor to avoid free samples on the back. When I received the first stroke, I heard the teacher say “kijana what is this!” and then sent me to toilet to remove it. We used to call it geta and so I came back my underwear with a lining of mattress in my hand and now with zero wear under the school short. As I lay on the teacher’s feet. I knew I was all his.

Hukumaliza hapo ulitoroka…but hekaya Timam


Niulizee, hawa walimu walikuwa wanatuchapa hivi, walikuwa wanakasirishwa na nini exactly? To me, it was bullying

Kuna mwalimu alinipea beating ya mwaka…and come to think of it later ,he was just a pedophile and I happened to cross With one of his girlfriends.nitamtafuta Huyo mwalimu…

:D:Dsound like ulikamuliwa

not waht you think :D:D:D may be ni osungu

:D:D:D nitaleta hiyo next time

those days teacher took pride in caning

samehe yeye


Hawa walimu ni stress walikuwa nayo.Unapata 54 GHC na unagonga CRE 27 na bado ako na wewe.


ati you were all his,i die



Hata mimi kulikuwa na mwalimu alinipiga kichapo cha punda mbele ya other teachers and students for throwing a rubber around. Kutoka hiyo day nilisema ile siku nitakutana na hii ngombe outside of school nitalipiza kisasi proper regardless of age.

During our days, kuna vijana wengi waliacha shule juu ya hizi beatings. So i recall a dude who dropped out but later met with the teacher incharge kwa pub. Huyu mwalimu alipata kofi ya mwaka:D.

Kuna mwenye sitawai samehea yeye wa hesabu. One day I will feed fat the ancient grudge I owe him

:D:D:D a well-deserved slap must have been