The double life of KTalkers

KTalk is a forum for people to live a double life. What you’ll come to know is that people tend to say things that they don’t really mean (except me obviously). E.g.

  1. My 7 inch dick - means a small dick
  2. You are gay = I am gay
  3. Let’s leave tribe out of it = Let’s talk of JAP, NASA and the tribes they apparently represent
  4. Shit post = This post is funny/witty/good
  5. Tight pussy =Mtaro
  6. I can’t eat pussy = I can’t get pussy.
  7. An old man like @Mundu Mulosi will post a stupid juvenile video of kids mimicking a bus ride to make him feel young.
  8. A man who doesn’t get any will comment a lot about fucking like he’s the king of the pussy.

I’ve also found that there is some honesty in the forum. A short man will for example keep off the topic about height if he can’t lie about it. A chic with a loose cunt will avoid stories sexual.

We are still fucking till we drop, aren’t we?

Why am I the only one you have mentioned by name nigga!

Unasema nini?

Amekuzoea, all his threads he is mentioning you lately, ama ulimkosea wapi?


You could give me a list of your age mates by name, nigga!

let me assist him, bcause ur Laspepes Harmanos, can u recall Mr Gass

How did you loose your one nut? Like nakuwa curious everytime I see your handle.

gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chieth


Kama @Mundu Mulosi na @uwesmake wenyewe ni gay na hawajiadvertise, wewe ndio nani?

Acha ufala! Humbwa.

nafikiria anataka kukukamua

Boss, sikamuliki. Na wewe Wakanyama umenza kunizoea.

nimesema nafikiria,hapo nimekuzoea kivipi!?

Sawa, mbona munahangaisha boy Child Keter?

Hapo hujaambiwa poa