The Destructive Hypocrisy Of The Political Left Is What Caused The Capitol Protest


I want to start this analysis by first noting that I fully realize the political left is not the root of the problem in the US or the world, they are merely a grotesque symptom of a deeper disease called globalism. That said, the collectivist/totalitarian mindset of globalism is very appealing to these people, and even though they claim to despise the ultra-rich elites that promote globalism, leftists have become unwitting and useful idiots for their agenda.

Before you analyze the US fucking shit, analyze the British Royal. The Royals are controlling 98% of US economy chini ya nyazi. So kuna high chances the Queen and the man of the Vatican knows what is happening in US and their agenda

I thought Capital unrest was caused by the right.

There are many facets on this whole hullabaloo, many players on different levels, but the game is for you, and about you.

you are right cnn soy boy, the unrest was caused by the right.

Not me labda wewe

Unalia nini buda.

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