The density in this village inapita ya liquid shit imekorogwa


Huyo mjamaa huitwa rocco siffredi sio Sin-fredi venye unjiita

D* 1995 niaje

Aki ya nani wewe ni mjinga, i meantit was KDF that went into Somali first, alone, it was KDF that first put the fear of God in Alshabab ndio hawa watu wengine wakajileta my asking uncle some where was to say the USA isn’t who beat Alshabaab , sawa?
Kunywa turpentine maybe it will thin out the thickness in your skull, you are too slow


Tell him to take a chill pill coz it seems he cant come to terms with the fate of these arabs of somali origin

Wueh! Umeshinda madam. Au akunywe benzene

The attackers are dark skinned, there was not one light skinned Somali of “Arab Origin”. These niggers are the ones easiest to brainwash and use to advance the terrorist agenda using the corrupted version of Quranic teachings.

Are there somalis of arab origin???

The terrorist is not one of them.
A few Isaaqs from Northern Somalia have some Yemeni ancestors but there are no Isaaqs in Al Shabaab.Al Shabaab is composed entirely of Southern and some Central Somalia clans.
Notice Somaliland,home of the Isaaqs has had like 2 terror attacks from Shabaab.

Inferiority complex ridden somalis think of themselves that way.

Most Somalis like to regard themselves as such, more so the light skinned ones.

They are cushites