The delicate Sh380bn road gamble US is pushing Kenyans to take

Projected to cost $3.8 billion (Sh380 billion), the Mombasa-Nairobi expressway will push Kenya’s public debt to new heights — Nairobi is already sinking in debt, which crossed the Sh5 trillion mark for the first time in June this year, from a low of Sh500 billion in 1999.

I thought Macharia aliwaambia hakuna loan tutachukua. He said they should build it with their own money and recoup it using toll fees.

Trump amesema lazima kenya ipatie Bechtel hio contract, la sivyo, tutapigwa sanctions. Now Uhunye has to travel to DC for the discussions.
Its either China fwacks us, or the Mighty Amuriken; either way, we are shafted…


I do not see why we cannot give another American firm another(cheaper or more useful) project.
I say, give General Electric the tender to supply Kengen’s 400 MW wind power project rather than this White Elephant in the making.

Can we really be forced to take a loan


Deni ni kitu mbaya sana. Mtu hujua wakati you are working to pay off debt and you can’t do isht with your money. Kwanza kama hio pesa ilimumunywa na some government officials tu hivo hivo. Talk to the Greeks who couldn’t withdraw their hard earned money from Banks because of Austerity measures. They just finished paying off their dues and I can imagine hawaezi tamani hio situation tena. Ogopa deni. You are better off living on mangoes but debtless

Hujaona link kwa OP’s thread? Click on it and read the story…

Which one do you prefer

Which one do you prefer

Ile style eBay force u to pay for shit…

Who am i in this/that/ grand scheme? But hypothetically speaking, if i had a say, i would choose none, If its not a PPP, then shelve it. SGR is here, let it work first…lets utilise it…

Sijaona sanctions zozote zimetajwa, but I think it’s something that can be negotiated. Hakuna venye Uhuru atarudi na loan ingine ya $3 billion, na Rotich pia arudi na yake from China ya $3billion. The outrage will be too much. That’s a total of about 6 trillion Kshs debt as of 2018.

GOK should print 380billion Shillings and give the greedy Americans. They make sure they source all materials here and avoid dollars at all cost.

It will be the biggest QE ever!

We are tired of debt.

I’m left wondering…what happens if a state fails to pay itz debt completely?

:D:D:D shait! Trumo wants to build a hotel in Nairobi, be ready for a Trump Tower in Westlands or Upper hill.

you forfeit your sovereignty, and your debtors can now come and supplant their rule on you.

Sanctions like fcuk

we don’t even need that 6 lane highway… what for? wacha gava iendelee expansion of A109 pole pole, MSA-Mariakani dual carriageway… hii side ingine Nairobi-Machakos dual carriageway… next year tuongeze another 100km from Mariakani to Voi, na hii side ingine from Machakos to Konza… etc