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Having seen its relationship with IOMAX disolve, Air Tractor has now partnered with L3 Technologies to take the AT802U to the next level. Counter-insurgency is the name of its game and the aircraft has now been rebranded as the AT802L LONGSWORD.

Fitted onto the hardpoints under both wings are a HELLFIRE precision attack missile, LAZU-19 rocket launchers capable of firing 2.75in laser guided rockets, 500lb GBU-12 laser guided bombs, and Dillon 30 calibre gunpods on both wings. While two Mk 82 500 lb general purpose bombs have been positioned on the two of the three centre pylons. Also fitted is a MX-15D HD EO/IR turret with laser designator.

Since being displayed at Marrakesh airshow in April 2016 in Morocco, the LONGSWORD has been upgraded with a new glass cockpit, certified by the FAA. Meanwhile the Thales SCORPION Helmet Mounted Display allows the pilot enhanced situational awareness by having a better field of view than the MX-15D can provide on the cockpit display. He or she can use the repeater to slave the HMD, while the WSO can zoom in or zoom out to verify the target. control of the system. The WSO’s rear seat cockpit has seen a 17in multifunction display integrated.

We have also strengthened the wings, with production of the first ones already complete,” Air Tractor President, Jim Hirsch, told the MONS. “This will extend the aircraft’s fatigue life to 11,700 hours – around 20 years – a considerable enhancement compared to the previous version.”

L3’s Pat Penland, VP Transport Programs, added: The new wings will be a feature of the next production aircraft that are destined for the Kenyan Air Force. We expect to complete the contract formalities within months. They are keen because they fulfil a need they desperately want.

The Kenyan Air Force is set to acquire 12 armed LONGSWORDs and two Air Tractor AT 504s, a smaller version of the AT802L with a side by side cockpit, which will be used for training. The first set could be delivered within 18 months.

“We have also upgraded the rear cockpit with a 17in display and new stronger wings are being built. First set would be delivered in 18 months, but if they wanted them earlier we can provide the combat capability sooner. A, L3 ForceX Widow mission management system has been added, similar to a US special mission configuration,” James Wise, an ex-AC-130 pilot now working for L3, told MONS. “This allows the LONGSWORD to be even better equipped to confront pirates, smugglers and terrorists.”

We are integrating a three-axis digital autopilot, which will be fully certifiable by late-August. It provides more stability in the air, over the original aircraft with a analogue autopilot," Penland concludes.

Alan Warnes

ION: Seems there might be F-16s gracing our skies, subject to lengthy discussions back and forth between Ke, Jordan and the US, of which the US might veto the potential deal if it feels the power balance in the region will be changed.



IOON: There is speculation as to the source of the AH-1 Cobras. ‘Conventional’ wisdom dictates that they may have come from Jordan. My thinking is, they may not be Jordanian but rather, Israeli. Israel retired 33 AH-1’s in 2013 kwa sababu zilipitwa na wakati (UAV tings na evolution of Apache) and then transferred 16 to Jordan which has them in service, unlike the F-5 they sold to us which they no longer have in service.

18 months sini nyingi sana, why not like December hivi or Jan?

Hii ni new aicraft ambayo wanafanya improvements over the previous one, alafu zote zitaletwa at once. Hiyo 18 months ni ya manufacture and assembly of 14 aircraft. New.

IOMAX bado wanabaki wamekauka kau kau. Hio deal hakuna venye L3 wangenyanganywa na venye wameshika DOD pale Langley… watu wa kusema sasa watasema kulikoni? Kwanza hizo specs zimefika bei.

Mpaka budspencer ashajitolea kukataa deal ni kama yeye anafanya kazi congress

Kwa hivyo tutaziona in the skies during fly past ya the 2nd Jamhuri of babuon’s reign?

That is kama hazitakuwa sneaked in na zinyamaziwe. Kuna C-145 Skytruck tatu zishaland lakini hazijapatikana kwa mbisha since January.

Have noted what you have done there^^^

He knows it’s a reality no matter how much he is against it.

Just preparing myself psychologically.

Na amelenga hii thread vi-serious na venye alikuwa ameswear hii ni cancelled and over…