The Day Police Dropped a Bomb On Philadelphia | I Was There

@Abba Pamba za america wakishikwa na primitive urge of racism wanakuanga bonobo kabisa.

In this episode of “I Was There”, VICE meets with Ramona Africa, one of the only survivors of the police bombing in a residential neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1985. The bombing was a result of a conflict between the Philadelphia police department and the MOVE organization, the black liberation group in which Ramona belonged. The targeted house was the headquarters of the MOVE group, which had garnered complaints from their neighbors in the predominantly Black neighborhood.

Ehe. Then what happened next?

Hawa polisi ni wanyama aje? You bomb the whole neighborhood just because of 6 crooks…

On top of that those six had already given up.

As usual the cops and mayor waliendelea na kazi zao bila shida while the surviving black woman alitupwa ndani.

To make the matter worse nimeona that black lady narrating the ordeal akisema they were a peaceful movement then producer anatoa picha ya mmoja wao carrying gun… bias photography.

Ndio maana ninasemanga western media ni taka taka.

mwafrika anachukiwa kila mahali , wwhat did we do

Why are you surprised? Our very own KDF blew a mall costing billions just to kill 4 terrorists hiding inside.

Adrenaline driven decisions