The Day I Put My Scumbag On The Line

Kama ningeshikwa,am sure ningetoka huko minus my scumbag. Luckily,sikushikwa but I keft kindu 15K kwa huyo msee amesimama hapo…the other cop was asleep throughout the transaction.
Watu wa Mombasani,nafikiria mnajua ni stesheni gani hii…[ATTACH=full]10573[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]10572[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]10572[/ATTACH]

that’s definitely a copshop

ulikosea serikali nini le scumbag

15k? Kwani ulikuwa na Madree ama?

@Brayoo,madree na nitoboke 15K? Kwani makarao wa kwenyu wako cheap aje?

Kuna dere fulani alitwanga msee pale Casa usiku na akaumiza. Halafu yeye akatoka nduki…was sorting out that mess.

Hapo ni central police corruption centre. Hata makupa same thing. If i were the president i would disband the traffic dept completely and send all those cops to the northern frontier districts wakachunge ngombe

yes and replace it na jeshi la sweetie

The number one corrupt institution today is the police force led by traffic. They deal in small amounts but on a wide and frequent scale such that they are never really on the scope like mega corruption but theirs easilly tops all the big scandals combined each year. Here UKs govt has failed miserably. As a stake holder in transport industry i know the rot all too well