The dating thing, how to go about it

The dating thing, how did you meet your partner? did you hit it off from the first go? any specific learnings for newbies who are looking at getting into lifelong relationships ?

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@ol monk


I was working somewhere and there was a vacancy for my assistant. I interviewed then hired my wife to be. after a few months i go greener pastures and she assumed my previous role. 2 years latter (7 years ago) we did a church wedding and currently we have 2 kids


As for me nilinyamaziwo sme weeks ago …:D:D

I am here to just drop some tampons.
carry on please

My dear kwani shida iko wapi? Mbona wanaume wanakuhepa tu hivo?

Nani mwingine alinihepa :p:p

Pengine @Purr_27 ni dem hivi hivi wa kuepwa faster faster baada ya Kumaliza mambo fulani fulani!

Love and Dopamine My Friend

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Wait. … chemistry! But I hate chemistry

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@Hunter Xp usijali, guys here are not married, @kabuda made damn sure of that…I also asked the same question some time back ikabidi watu wameangalia tu hewa!!!

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Boss tulianza hii shida ya ndowa wayback 2002, first born ako eight.


Na yule sumbua mwingine ulifukuza alienda na kifaranga?