The Dark Side of the Italian Tomato

A man from Ghana crosses the desert and the sea risking his life so that he can do in Italy as an underpaid laborer what he used to do as an farmer on his own land in his homeland, grow tomatoes. This is webpage is an interactive look at how tomato paste imports from Italy and increasingly China have all but killed the tomato industry in Ghana.

Sad. Killing African economies happens that way.

And that my friend is how the west underdeveloped africa

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the coacoa story is another sad story. these Ghanaians have been seriously dry fried by bazungu from the days of slavery na bado. they had a great liberator in Kwame but again they fell prey to bazungu machinations

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You know we are assuming that the rest of the word has an obligation to help africa!!! We have played the victim card for far too long!!! Africa needs to grow up. Thats why i love our prezzo, he showed the western world he can do without them and now they are flocking into our country. Wazungu ni kama kadame, ukiwaonyesha you cant do without them, they treat you like crap, show them you have an option and they act all calm and wanakupea bila maswali!!!

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it’s not playing victim but being used and victimized. anyone who has tried to liberate Africa is cut down by the west; history has a sizeable body count to prove: Gaddafi, Lumumba, Sankara, Toure, Nkuruma (not killed but overthrown)

Sankara…i really admire this fella