The danger of losing Van Persie Di Maria and Falcaoin One window

And the exit of Manchester United trio could impact negatively to the clubs performance if rumors going around of their exist comes to be true. Already Falcao has joined chelsea and rumors has it that its now official that Van persie has opened talks with Fernabache. And as if that is not enough rumors has it that Dimaria could be eyeing a move to Bayern Munich

Falcao really[ATTACH=full]9043[/ATTACH] , Really?


mimi ni Arsenali damu… lakini ningependa kuambia Man U mngt mki uzaa RVP mmeji waste

Di Maria ain’t going nowhere. Tulia uone 4-3-3 Van Gaal will unleash season ikianza. With Carrick, Depay, Herrera, Di Maria, Shaw, Darmian, Blind, Rooney and potentially Ramos, things are good.

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Ngoja akutane na nyinyi akiwa na the blue uniform

@Mr Black without RVP you will fight for position 4 with liverpool and totenham

sikio la kufa hili haliskii dawa. mpaka wakute hawafungi tena

Simaanishi the ‘future’ falcao, it’s the former Manchester loanee that i have issues with. Of what use was he to Man utd?

A few injuries plus your ever changing formats plus luck of play time made him fail at United. He couldnt have found form on the bench

Falcao is the second coming of shevchenko rvp is past it & di maria aint going nowhere…

Mimi kwanza nataka wauze De Gea. Wakuwe wametoboka mid, defence, na goal keeper.

no one is bigger than UTD de gea ,cr7 , rvn etc,ataenda but club itabaki ,struggle kiasi but we’ll find a world class keeper

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You are drunk go home now, your arrangement of caps and small letters doesn’t make sense. More so your statement.

@Mundu Mulosi Wakiuza de gea halafu wam replace na sir valdes. equals game over

@kid moyes I like the way you are creating a comfort zone for your club

First and foremost…Man u Damu!

Thank u Falcao aliendaa, na hope De Gea atabaki…Di maria anaweza enda bt am watching more on the new signings! I havent felt any impact of Di maria at man u since he wz signed anaweza enda pia! Si mtambui just like valencia na ashley young pia!

For the real football lovers

  1. How long did it take to rebuild Bayern München to the current all conquering team that they are?
    2.Juventus was in relegation a few seasons ago. How do you rate their performance in the just ended season.
    There are many examples but those two will suffice.
    If you don’t understand matters football, stick to predicting who will win which match.

What is your point or you haven’t made it?

Liverpool has been rebuilding since 1990 :D:D

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kaa huelewi vile amesema we ndo mlevi .