The D-dimer test and more jab FUD...

This doctor is dropping some serous concerns about the jabs and how they can change your life in more ways than one

True! But isn’t it worse if you catch Delta without having been vaccinated? Cost benefit analysis appears to favor vaccination…

nimeona d dimer test nikasikia kuhara
hio kitu hunyuruishanga wasee kifala

Yeah, Delta seems not to be messing around.

Unless one is blind, there are too many COVID deaths now and they are happening too fast… vaccination is wise…

Happening too fast where, when?

From where I sit… I can now report 7 deaths in the last week or thereabout of persons known to me…

Ona hio findio hapo chini.


[li]What’s the point of vaccination now only to die in 3-5 years as a result of the vaccine?[/li][li]Weren’t these vaccines developed based on previous strains of the virus? Not the deltas and lambda currently reigning havoc worldwide.[/li][/ol]

The cases I am reporting are clearly COVID-caused… as this was the diagnosis that made them get admitted… but most had other conditions like diabetes and High Blood Pressure, etc. I have had my own doubts about this thing from the beginning and you can find evidence here by searching threads on COVID… Now it is clear…

It’s still a theory and there are those who get sick and don’t make it to the next month. Its up to you to way the risk and returns

We are definitely not qualified to make such a monumental decision on our lives. Halafu serikali pushing civil servants to take the vaccine.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

I got covid twice. The South African variant knocked out my smell and taste for 4 days, had a nose blockage, fever, malaise and slight cough. Just like ordinary flu. I lost my fear for covid even though I fear for my parents and relatives

So you are saying all those who have been jabbed need to start writing their wills in the next 1-2yrs coz in the 3rd yr the will start departing from face of earth