The current political situation has completely changed my political leanings.

I used to be a staunch Uhuru supporter and God knows I voted for him in the just nullified elections.My standings have completely changed in light of what has happened in the past month or so. The brutal crack down on protests, The witch hunt being directed to men that are known to support the opposition recently Jim Wanjigi and finally the resignation of IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe have fully convinced me the current government is participating in foul play. I get the vibes of living in a suppressive regime and I would not go down supporting it. Come next elections am fully voting for RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA. Canaan is real.

@GeorginaMakena wacha upus

We are glad to hear you had an epiphany. I am sure your sole vote will tilt the scales in favour of your preferred candidate


He is not participating, ama u are talking about 2022? That will be kalooser’s turn.

I said next elections. Be it this year or years from now does not matter. My vote is for Raila in the NEXT ELECTIONS.

Phew! Thank God less stupid to embarass Team RWNBP

welcome to UOTP regiment, your rank is corporal.

Watu wa RWNBP mnatusumbua and by now we are used to this nonsense.
Akombe placed her decision to resign squarely on both parties.


Dude never undermine the power of one.Many regimes have fallen by the combined actions of many ones. By saying my sole vote does not matter you are indirectly insinuating that yours too is worth shit.

Would you be kind enough to give us a detailed statement on why at first you did not support Raila ?

Weta the Kawasaki ninja


Mteso mjinga @Abba with his teso ngaofriend before he found the light with our gema queen.

Wah hizi ndo shida za hallmark movies watu was fantiction wanadhani wanaweza pull.of such shit…yep your vote is worthless like if you don’t even know about vote manipulation tactics then you aren’t one to act like you intelligent…voting is about numbers and that phrase is for targeting audiences that can be swayed as a unit…lemme stop my coffee is expensive you know with this economy…


Bwana Mongoose nipe cheo pia, lakini cheo ije na za macho

Raila is not participating in the ‘erections’ hence if you purport to support him,then sijui utamvotia wapi

Total Bullshit. How many guys do you think have changed their views in light of how the government has been acting lately? If this continues long enough many neutral voters will be sympathetic to Raila’s cause and join the struggle. Watu ka wewe very close minded ndio hupatwa off guard when they realise the bubble has busted.

unaona wale hawana bibi wanashika wapi mchana:D:D:D:D i wonder usiku mikono zao zusink wapi?

I did not Support Raila not because I had anything against him but simply because I felt Uhuru had a better game plan on taking the country forward. This view has completely changed after witnessing how the current government has brutally reacted to the current scenarios involving the opposition. I hate authoritarian regimes and will never support any government that even show slight signs of it.

Kabisa my brother, this UhuRuto is the worst tragedy that ever befell this country,the time to seek asylum and citizenship elsewea is now,the future is very bleak even Moi era will have been better than this. Dont be sheeple like Jubilee sycophant. These two have turned kenyans into their slaves. Time to fight back is now.