The crazy way wrestler Randy Orton met his wife

This story is insane

Orton’s future wife would see Randy on screen and remark how “hot and sexy” he was and thought about how much she would love to be with him. She would, for months, tell her kids to tell her whenever Randy came on TV so that she could watch. She said to her kids that if she ever met him, she would make out with him and make him fall in love with her, and naturally, the kids laughed and made fun of her.

So, she takes the kids to the Civic Center for a WWE live event one night and is excited because Randy is there. She dresses accordingly, and swears to God that she is going to meet Randy.

She shows up early, and tries to meet him but later finds out he didn’t show up to meet fans because he was playing Call of Duty on the bus with the boys. When she sees him come out for his match, she starts screaming his name repeatedly, and she notices that Randy is looking at her. A woman next to her remarks that Randy kept on turning around and looking at her. Kim felt this too, but didn’t realize until the woman told her.

At the end of the match, she goes to the barricade, and Randy walks towards her, stops, and starts hanging out with people next to her. They take a picture together, and afterwards Randy awkwardly asks her name. She says “Kim”. He goes “I’ve got to know all about Kim. Give that security guard your phone number if you want to meet me for dinner afterwards.”

Kim says she’s literally dying on the inside at this point, that it’s like a dream. She drops her kids off at home, and throws up on the way to the diner because of how random this is and how nervous she is. They meet for dinner, they completely hit it off, make out, and have what Randy calls the best night of his life, and the rest is history.

I never knew this. Kim is widely credited for making Randy the man he is today, because as we all know, he was a completely different person before Kim. He’s matured in a very obvious way since he met her. But to think, this chance encounter between two people that has blossomed into what it is now- and they have a daughter together- it’s actually romantic

Alikuwa na how many kids before they met?

Dumped her kids and ran to get d, yeah that’s romantic alright


Where in the story does it say she dumped her kids?

She’s still raising them with him

As usual the women are quick to take credit for doing absolutely nothing.
They got married in 2015.
Ata kama I no longer watch WWE, Randy had been a superstar for more than a decade at that point.

Ati Kim is widely credited for what Randy is today? WTF? Women always taking the limelight in the modern world.

Kim is widely credited for making Randy the man he is today?? Like WTF bro…this is complete BS. They married in 2015. Randy has been a superstar since early 2000’s till date used to watch him nikiwa ryma hadi nikamaliza high school. Women will buy you a pair of socks and then go around opening their mouths of how they made you!

Singol matha is not something to brag about. Americunts is fool sissy beta ghasias. Watu meffi.

Pretty sure she confused him with as much sex as possible. Singo matha inakaa kua pornstar [ATTACH=full]417309[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]417310[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]417311[/ATTACH]

Hata ikiwa ni wewe hauwezi resist huyo singlemother

This shows me how you people are so deep in irrational hatred towards women you start latching on to anything that proves your confirmation bias. Even when there’s nothing there. You’ve conditioned your brains to focus on the one thing that vindicates your warped reality while ignoring everything else. Case in point…

Look at how you all refused to even read the next line… Where it clearly says “he was a completely different person before Kim”. Which is true because Randy was known to be erratic, childish and unprofessional. Borderline racist

After meeting Kim he changed as a person and became much more mature since. Something even Randy himself admitted to being true.

She’s not taking credit for his success in life but for his personal development.

Feminist nonsense. You can’t take credit for a grown ass man’s “personal development.” If he was all those things you claim, he’ll go back to his default settings. They’ll divorce soon, after which he’ll start telling us how “suffocating” that relationship used to be because he was trying to live to her standards. You believe someone who’s been “borderline racist” for 35 years will suddenly change because he met some poosy? Mushienzi sana.

Everybody can and does change as we’re all just products of our environment. Even if it’s small. No one can remain in the same state of mind for more than 10 years. If so then that person is completely stubborn and missed out on life

But yeah you’re right. I’ll definitely believe some internet nobody over first person evidence and confirmation from the man himself

Mnacheza na sex ya singo matha akitaka kitu kutoka kwako? Those women are super skilled.

Tuliza cap’n sevaho this isn’t the arena for your white knight mumbo jumbo

:D:D:D Because celebrities always tell the truth. How many celebs have announced their divorce weeks after reminding us how deeply in love they are? Ata Chris Benoit I’m sure ungemuuliza a few weeks before kunyonga wife na mtoi wake angekuambia he’s very happy. Ghaseer hii.

I was Orton’s diehard fan back then but I cannot believe any word a celeb says. Always PR stunts.

Randy ndio alipiga bibi na watoto risasi kwa nyumba ?

That was mzito Chris Benoit, the rabid wolverine