The Coveted 9 Inches...

Anyone,Someone…I bet none of you men has anything close to this! May be you did in form 4 but life has happened and it has some how disappeared.

I can’t stress this enough…Our sedentary lifestyle, Nyamchoma every other day, downing a whole bottle of cheap liquor is making your manhood flaccid.

Otherwise, weka mbicha naenda kutafuta ruler!

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niko form 4 :slight_smile:

looking for massaging (must use polite language with the ladies!) materials?

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weka contact, you measure it live

flaccid ndo kusema nini.nyama ni nyama …,bora iko ndani.keg lazima tungekunywa campo

Its so funny you mention this.jana i discovered that my ex-wife amenipeleka to court again ati sijui visitations etc.
So i texted her a piece of my mind and guess what she called me afterwards?.. Ati I am a JELLY DICK!
Haki nilicheka yangu yote on my own.
By the way,give me a good reason to get hard so i can post a picture of my 12" Monster! Labda picha yako hivi!?..

outside divorce court one sunny morning…
newly divorced wife: bye bye shortie! (holding up her pinkie at her now newly ex-husband)
Newly ex-husband: bye bye Lucy (loosie!) - stretching the corners of his mouth as far as he could make them without inflicting harm on himself!


I waned to call her all names related to a nyap with no grip but i still Love her so much i wouldn`t want to hurt her.


haha give us the address the “mythical” nine inches will be at your door-step

Please… I saw the ciroc! She might be right… Weka mbicha ya hiyo MONSTER! Mimi taka ona…

Some niggers won’t comment coz they wud have to f*uck u thrice to reach 8inches…@Unicorn calls them #TeamPatco. Having said that , the proof of the pudding is in the eating


“Mythical”… clearly it’s out of reach for most!

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@kabuda ukikuta @kamau mahali alipelekwa na mods msalimie…

@Female Perspective, r u loosie?

@kabuda…I can swallow that in a heartbeat! I need a fucking deep throat maneno ya lollipop niliacha.

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Am tightie

But in this village mbicha is the pudding… Tafasari weka hapa…



Looks can be decieving and many a cock Hungry women have choked on my todger trying to have a mouth-full.
I think its only fair you show us any part of your anatomy to prove that you are not a Masculine faker. Ata your bare thighs or naked bossom will suffice for now!