The Coup that never was...

This Burundi general is just like our very own cryila. How can he let his people down like that?

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Hata mimi naskia ameni let down sana…

Imagine, how dare he does that. Now Nkurusiza will be ruthless

I hope they castrate him.

Total letdown!

When u put yr cronies to head military sections and appoint pple of yr community in yr army then ni ngumu kuona coup…why do u think head of states ueka watu wao in da military. Look at this since 1982 coup ni wakalenjin ndio walikua jeshi na hao ndio walikuwa wanapata promotions. Unapata mkalenjin ana join army the same time na mjaka lakini 2 to 3 rs later yeye mkale ni senior na mjaka ako bado palepale.junior. Mlikuwa kurutu pamoja lakini 2yrs time unampigia salute. Ivo ndo kulienda Burundi

burundi president is hutu, almost 85% of burundians are hutu, this coup was going nowhere, only a civil war , that will end with the Tutsi being massacred.

Huyo atafinywa mapera. He better have sired children because after this atakuwa mawe. Haizai

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MV Liemba - interesting article about how a century old boat has been ferrying refugees.

P.s. sioni pen yangu ya black Leo

This guy could be right.

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If the Tutsi start getting massacred, I don’t think Kagame will be a spectator. Rwanda will be sucked in, which will lead to DRC getting sucked in, and before we know it, Africa will have another crisis of biblical proportions.

I trust what Mutahi Ngunyi says. So until evidence comes out discounting this hypothesis, I’ll go with this

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They have created a “Moi” of their own

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He is just another loudmouth who thinks he knows everything.

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Actually, most of his harshest critics are fellow Hutus who were eyeing the seat but feel betrayed. It is not an ethnic conflict per se, because even the General that attempted to overthrow him is a Hutu.

In that case I don’t think they were that serious about overthrowing him, it must have been a half hearted attempt. But this Nkuruzinza nigga should just read the signs. Even if he survives this one I don’t think he’ll last long.


Yes but this being in africa,if it was serious,it would have turned tribal eventually,but i think this was stage managed to hairisha uchaguzi,he has a very solid case

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I think that whole coup thing was staged. He will now be more dictatorial to crack down on any dissent. And, he can postpone elections indefinitely because the status quo favours him.

It’s not a ethnic conflict…rather a battle of the elites from both sides of the divide…Burundi has a complex constitution on which they share power in the basis of ethnicity not like Rwanda…I think he staged the coup so that he could expose those army generals who were a threat to him…every other general who supported the coup has been arrested except the mastermind ( who I guess was in cahoots with him) This is the same thing Salva Kiir did when he knew he had a slim chance of winning elections …elections postphoned indefinitely and he is still president.Nkurunzinza believed he was annointed by God to rule…I think he is crazy [ATTACH=full]5525[/ATTACH]

I wouldnt be surprised if Uganda and Rwanda followed suit…Museveni is well on his way in changing the term limits to allow him to vie again…Kagame is carefully testing the term limits waters in parliament…sasa bado tu demonstrations then a staged coup for a few hours…then the crackdowns on media and opponents…then elections postphoned indefinately…that’s the drill

Actually Museveni changed the term limits in 2005 and this allows him to run for as many terms as his health allows but he has fallen out with some of his key allies. NRM is like Kanu in the past and it is rumored that he is honing his son, Muhoozi to take over.