The corrupt world we live in

Living is by His grace. This world is really corrupt because of us people. Doctors give fake prescription in order to make more money. I was once given a bundle of medicine equivalent to ksh 15 000 for just a small ailment, many people have been misdiagnosed intentionally for money, people are paying nowadays to get good grades and certificates… Hard work has been thrown to dustbin, people are sleeping around and paying to get jobs, cdf kitty is not benefitting the vulnerable but the relatives of thr mps and mcas, all in all, us humans invented corruption and have perfected it. We are suffering the consequences of our mistakes. I won’t be surprised even if some of these diseased killing people nowadays were invented by some of us in order to make money by coming up with the so called cures just like the people who create virus and come up with antivirus in software so as to make money

Sasa unataka tufanye nini jameni?

But you will still vote for ruto?

Choosing corrupt leaders has dire consequences man…

I was just highlighting thr state of the world… I have not asked you to do anything about it…

Very old and silly

Most docs go as far as prescribing expensive antibiotics and painkillers with fancy names coz wanajua the same can’t affect your health

This issue is not about Ruto. So I am not obliged to respond cause you want to reduce it to a debate about Rutob … I am talking about a global norm… Most of these issues bedevil human race

These are issues found mostly in corrupt societies where a majority of their citizens have IQs of less than 70.
The issues you have highlighted can’t be found in most of Western Europe, Canada and Scandinavia or even Singapore.

These things also exist there… It is only that it is not really highlighted… Even though it could be at minimal proportions

hujasema ni small illness gani hio. Ama ulikuwa umeenda pale roriodo kwa yule mzee?

I was in one of these big private hospitals… And the medicine i was given. based on the stomach ache illness I was diagnosed … I just doubted it from the word go

It might be but its the truth the man has on numerous occasions pledged his allegiance to the DP come 2022. Why complain about the world we live and all its flaws when you are going to vote for someone that will not bring any sort of great change. We should be the change that we want to see.

blame it on the so called “liberal western values” which President Putin said were now obsolete

i beg to differ

I blame it on everyone that has not made a decision to be the change they want to see in this world.

Those issues have been highlighted so many times in US media. A simple Google/Youtube search will reveal the rot is global…

The pharmaceutical juggernaut is even worse in the west, the other day it was discovered some wealthy americans were buying ‘education’ for their kids - its global human thing, just that some have mastered the art of hiding or camouflaging the same.

Nobody is saying corruption does not exist in western societies its just that the level of corruption is extremly low while here corruption is a way of life for many.

Support your claim with an example