the confusion that is - spark plugs

Where do you guys get genuine spark plugs from. I am planning on having an early Christmas present for my BL Axela, so any leads would be helpful.

Seriously. Spark plugs a present?

BL Axela ni gari, sio mtu. …Shenji

Mazda. Industrial area.

If in Ruaka I can recommend a mazda dealer for your car


Enda Greenlight Auto kule Daresalaam rd Ind Area they sell original at affordable price.
Kama hutaki huko enda duka za impala either pale kirinyaga rd or AllSops near Barclays bank

Nunua NGK laser iridium spark plugs

Nilipata Denso Iridium, FK20HR11 instead of FK16HR11 lakini naona hii Honda vitz iko sawa… 0 - 100 in 7days not bad.
Damage 7500 at TK mba.

What do you mean here…

where exactly…good to know such

Bei yao iko aje? How much do they sale?

Brakes za mbele ni 7k,yangu ni ya lining 5.5k.Impala sijui,but hao pia huuza genuine