The Complexities of Unions.

I finally got a break and headed to Mombasa for a few days to relax( no business) and catch up with the old friends and ofcourse my kids can barely remember the town they were all conceived and born in.
We settled in a nice villa at mtwapa creek, beautiful view and away from the general populace.

As one grows older I guess one realizes spending loads of cash in a hotel you barely even use apart from taking a dive in their pool and sleeping and rushing for breakfast before 9 fuckin a.m , missing out on lunch and dinner since you are out exploring or getting tanked , is not really worth the coin. Nothing beats spending less and on top of that , having a great personal chef at your call,who prepares your food when you want it and you can eat it where you want without all the formalities of British dining and a maid to clean your villa and do the laundry.
I digress from the title.

So every day after traversing the beautiful coastal town and it’s historical sites with my younglings , I have my evening time to do as I please and I look for my old friends and we have our drinks and loads of gossip.

It has been seven years since I have seen them , my friends have aged well.I look at Amina, beautiful and plump , her locks are much longer than mine now, her dimpled smile and British accent still manages to make me grin. I wonder inwardly If she remembers those warm nights we lay together in a lovers embrace…high on life and philosophy. Would we still … ? Nope! I long established that deek is my ultima satisfactio.

Then I look at Israel… he looks fine and dark just as I remember him but now with a sprinkling of grey hair which makes him look regal and sexier… men do age well with a little effort. The linen white attire against his dark skin makes him look like an African Adonis.
So Israel here is taking the plunge once more, quips in Amina.
By taking the plunge you mean tying the knot ? I ask .
Hold up dude, I thought you already did that in Aussie .
Oh that ended horribly,
he replies with a smile.
Bitch threw me out and that was that.

We laugh … !

We told you that woman was crazy but your boner told you otherwise eh , sasa ona? I tease him.

Plus she was waaaaay richer than you ! Amina chimes in. Israel is doing very well financially but the ex is a brilliant scientist who earns much much more.

What about you Amina? I ask .
See Amina had a short gun wedding which bore fruits of twins , two beautiful daughters. But when the going got tough , the dad / husband jumped ship and left .
Me ? She grins… I’m happy where I am. She points to her 23 year old boyfriend who seems pretty happy swimming in the pool waiting for her mistress to finish her tete a tete so that he can drive her home for the legendary thresholds all women yearn for. We grin.
I know she is a good place too because her creative genius in the arts makes her a name to be reckoned with.

What happened Freyja? She quizzes me softly.

What do you mean ? I dumbly ask .
She rolls her eyes. The divorce you idiot!

Honestly I don’t have an answer to that love, I reply.
We were too young when we took the plunge and as we grew older we both wanted different things…and we grew apart slowly.
Did you try to make things work ? Israel asks .
I laugh …you sound like our parents.
We are better off apart… trust me.
I reply.

Why the hell are you even going at it the second time ? I ask him .
Because I want to and I have prayed about it. He replies
Amina and I roll our eyes simultaneously.
If you found a perfect mate wouldn’t you do it again ? He grins .
Hell to the N.O and I have found him but I’m not going through the whole marriage/ modern day slavery thing again. Nyet! I reply.

It took me enough time to heal… and then I discovered who I am…and I love who I am. My ex has grown into his element too without me.I say with a smile.
You are lucky , Amina sighs…
She is right amicable separations are rare.
You are both proud idiots. Israel comments and we laugh again.

So what happened to Betty and Charles ! I ask
Those two, our good friends, got married after a night out. The whole theory of Mombasa being the Kenyan Vegas is true.
Betty is a brilliant lawyer .Charles is a typical Kalenjin tycoon.

Oh Betty annulled the marriage exactly after six months . Goes Amina who now is the official record keeper of mucene.
At this point my mouth is a perfect O .
Why? I ask
Charles was not rising to the occasion as much as she thought he could so she filed for a divorce under denial of conjugal rights.
I giggle
… we laugh. It’s turning out to be an evening of tragic comedy.

We watch the moon rise and sip our martini in plastic cups and talk shop … we make a perfect picture really. But I’m troubled…everyone around me is either having extra marital affairs or getting divorced.
Does anyone really ever get it right ? What is the key to marital bliss coz it ain’t food neither is it sex . Success ? that actually makes it harder… I was happier when we lived in a single room and woke up the neighbors with our love making ruckus … I smile at that thought as my old friends chatter on about the usual everyday stuff.

Marriage is the ultimate sacrifice one makes for the greater good of humanity… There’s only one man I know who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all and he died a painful death on the cross.
He was God’s son.
I am only human.

And now a random safisha mecho, momo edishen picture coz that’s what y’all niggaz come here for.

Too long @uwesmake tupe summary

Loved the read. No one has life’s manual. We err and go short. We get the experience , even though we do not need it.

Mama turushie ata kama ni mbisha ya nyonyo tufurahie

Well put.
Though I think we need the experience to become woke… or even become better people.

Kwanza anza na zako - I need something to cleanse ktalk trending manboobs from my mind. :smiley:

cataracts hazijatoka zote though.
hio ni resort gani madam?

more please

It’s someone house and she has converted it to a nice simple get away. Wise move there.

What we call ‘love’ is just divorce, child support and alimony waiting to happen. Smart men go MGTOW

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Hahaha, uliona “kneeeees” ukashutdown.
She’s in a villa Tom you goat!!:D:D:D
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hii thigh ni ya a well fed heifer

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Cataracts tena, gif freak!! Resort unauliza ili? Game house yako inaweza afford a paid vacation?

You should know !
You are in the meat business . :smiley:

You really need to be in a situation to be able to make such a statement.
Do you have a baby mama relationship or you judge by what you hear all over ?