The collapse of World Goverments

If this disease continues spreading the way it is, i am seeing a situation whereby the world governments may collapses and criminal gangs and cartels will take over. With hungry people and no food to eat because of closed businesses and loss of jobs, criminals, local cartels will emerge who will rule over places and enforce their own laws and we may end up having govts collapsing

without taxes, the police and army will not be paid.

I have seen a spam advert someone selling Chroloquin at $42.
Even the Deep Web has come to the surface.

If Corona becomes a big uncontrollable menace, the objectives of the designers if virus, who are behind the New World order will have been achieved. These people have always hoped for a world with total chaos and erasing the sovereignty of the nations

Man don’t remind of the cartels. Isis is way better than the cartels. There is this torture video they made of a boy and his police father. The boy is about 13 years old. The cartel cut off his dad’s head right in front of him. Next up they got a knife and opened the boy’s chest open while he’s alive and then they put their hand in there and ripped out his heart. The boy collapsed after. He was awake throughout that torture. I’m suspecting they pumped him with surgical drugs minus the pain killer which made him awake while feeling all the pain. If people like that are out there with government, imagine how much more evil we’ll see without a government? We are doomed. Yes the video i speak of is out there no I will not show it to you for the sake of your soul. Seeing this is very bad for the soul.

Mimi niliona. Trust me cartels zikitokea, nitakuwa among leaders of the gangs

Corona Doesn’t recognize criminals my fren

The walking dead

Policd and army will form the first gangs

Nitumie rink kwa inbox…i can handle it ,i have a dark soul

Orders fromu Chaos u means

The government will never fail. It is there to stay, you are the one to die and leave it. All government is controlled by cults, everything that is happening now is the idea of the cult. So the government and the cult are one thing and do not give a shit on humanity.

You watch too much post apocalyptic movies, if the entire human population which is about 7.8 billion gets infected given that the current mortality rate of 5% remains like that only 390 million will die which is a small number compared to the total population

then it will continue to as it intended as it was from its beginning
until its end and it being expression of it self

Everything is gonna change.

Watch the movies I am Legend and The Book of Eli to see the likely scenario after the virus.

Hahaaa chinga kapsa

That must have been Mexico au brazil

Huko ndio people make fun of millions