The closed adult club to reopen again

The Tahiti club which is well known as a gentle men adult club is in the process of reopening again but this time in a more accessible and safe place. The club will now be located where we used to have club 3D actually opposite where we used to have club seekers. If by any chance u happen to pass through that street you will see banners of New Tahiti all over that building am told it will now be under new managment.

Wanaserve chipo for lunch katikati ya asscrack?

useless information.
why do you think we know the locations of 3D ans Seekers?

Which street?


Bro si hi club imekunasa? Kila masaa ukiongea huwa ni kuhusu hii club.

Mad house

River road

Nilipita hapo jana nikaona Seekers imefunguliwa lakini sikujua ni nini?

Hapo bado late night ukitoka unaweza angukiwa na masanse…so not safe bado…Wakiipeleka moi avenue might consider the safety level:D:D

But it’s hard to open a strip club a long Moi Avenue actually all of them are in downtown

Pango F3??

But it was closed