The Clitoris is the devil's Door bell


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hehehe, of all sins hii ndio wameona?

hehehe nashangaa

Any Christian who holds the idea of hell need really to study his Bible carefully.

Vile unicorn atasema.

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Nauliza tuu… Kuna bell ya mkia ???

So, is a dick the devil’s trumpet? or the balls the devil’s marbles?

:smiley: yes, if you blow it, he will surely Cum.


How do you put these and other symbols? Tuelimishe mblo.

Click on reply, you’ll see them directly above the text box, to the left. Click on that ‘smiley’ face to reveal the others.:slight_smile:



:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


and she responded…


heh… please waruguru look for me. I missed your praises…

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