the church

Do you find the Christian of nowadays very passive? Where are the people that can act like Jesus when he went to the synagogue and destroyed the ‘vibandas’ people were using to sell their wares during sabbath? Where are the Christians that question the moral authority of government? All I see are Christians preaching material prosperity and only God knows kind of attitude when it comes to the evils of the day like corruption,tribalism etc. Is this why the general morality of this country has gone to the dogs since the church is not coming out forcefully like in the yester years of Rev Njoya and the like. Its time for the church to take a stand and roll up their sleeves, take part in street demonstrations and shame politicians that politic even in church events. If the church becomes the voice of the voiceless then the political class will take note and stop their bad manners.

ati passive? na huoni vile wako busy wakiguza ma-T-T. wakifanya maandamano nao kina mukiya wamatata watafanya kazi gani?

God does not have a bank account…take that to the bank. But “Christians” are always fast to “draw” a verse that condemns or praises depending on the situation.

Church is big business in Kenya. If you are tough on the crowd they will not come to give you money.

Vipi pato, atleast leo naona umepost kitu ya maana sana. But everything starts with you and me

It is the biggest business in Kenya.

sawa boss…amani idumu kesho ni sikukuu ya pasaka

Enyewe Kiuna hawezi tetea watu Njoya style, those are corporate preachers!

Hehe Wakenya mnapenda ucheshi katika mambo mzito!

Like that makes sense

Forget the church. The people at the top of the church, church owners, rich pastors, people high in the government, corporations, labour unions, etc are all one group. Ni kíríndí moja tu. The are all there to exploit the the population, and are all partners in the game. All other theatrics are just drama for the public to watch and let it appear as if there is someone taking care of them. Or how do you think catholic and protestant leaders will remain relevant and have traction in the political and economic landscape without pretending to offer advice to government. How will the likes of sossion survive without proclaiming woe unto government only to turn down the heat before there is any resolution? Why do you think teachers/doctors/nurses have never got resolution for their greivances? If they get a solution, the people who pretend to protect them will lose power and political traction. Its a mutual agreement by clever people and it doesnt have to be said verbally or written somewhere, its obvious that when you are up there you play the “game” or you are fucked.

people in government understand people like religious leaders and labour union bosses when they make noise: “Its our partners on the other side blowing their tumpets”. They just pretend to be busy negotiating and finally a “deal” is struck(You look good, I look good) and the represented people are happy. The “deal” is never honored, and that is actually a good thing to them because they remain relevant. That is politics, especially in “democracy” where you dont use force, but you fool around with peoples minds. Its easier and sustainable than using force

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kwani Jesus was a bouncer?

Who is the church?

I think what is ailing Christianity in Kenya is prosperity gospel. Churches have turned into pyramid schemes in which you plant a seed and harvest a Miracle. I’m ready to be part of a church that focuses on Spiritual wealth.
Imagine non of the televangelists came out strongly to condemn the Garisa attack. so long as there flock is safe who cares attitude really hurts.

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