I have been thinking about this for a while .The Arian race were GODs chosen race even at hte time of Abraham.remember what God promised him.that his generations would be succesfull throughout life.then came the succesful jews…job ,ester,abraham and the patriachs , wengineo na ni wengi kwa wenye wamejua bibilia . Now fastforward to the time of Jesus.How come jews are still the ones at the helm of every huge institution i can think in the US alone the congress has 27 jews ,27 is a large number considering the different faiths we have now. They still control the worlds economy kama hawa sasa wa facebook mark zuckerberg,larry ellison wa oracle.,wasee wa google pia wako hapo, na sheldon adelson ule mayor wa new york wa kitambo,founder wa dell computers pia…
sasa mimi hujiuliza tuu…arent we following Jesus Christ who is here to deliver us from eternal damnation and to ease our burden here on earth as we await to transition to why are christians to be accurate and other similar faiths not outdoing jews considering how the old testament castigates them??

PS:kama hujui kitu ya kusema hapa stick to sex and relationships…elders pekee apa

[ATTACH=full]6189[/ATTACH] watu wa DFHM tujipe shughuli Corners anadai aongeleshwe na council of elders


haha thats sly

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senor villager unasema nini nugu

You dont look like one of them

jews are not christians, well, some christians are jews. jesus was a jew but his religion was mostly propagated by romans, hence catholicism, the religion of disciple peter, was domiciled in rome…what am i saying? its all fucked up…


We read their bible and fall for their stories, thus their supremacy…and sorry for my intruding.

Ukitombwa kuma, huwa umetombwa akili kwanza - Some talker.

Ukikubali that kuna chosen race, si uko fucked for life? There’s no winning there.



clearly hujaifungua bible maisha yako…,sio mimi nimesema ni the word of God himseleff

heehe that disclaimer was to weed out people like @Gnabry and the likes

Nilifungua for several years kisha nikafunga. Naijua vizuri.

The jews were rejected as the chosen race…if they still had favor hitler angewachinja for their success nothing but hard work.

i must admit they are some of the smartest humans alive and hardworking too

The current Jews are not the original Jews that were there during Jesus’ time. They are a combination of other races.

I beg to differ…jews are very strict when it comes to marriage and usually insist on only marrying fellow jews.

You are wrong. Most Ashkenazi Jews have European blood, a good number of whom perished in the holocaust and they are the ones ruling Israel. Original Jews during Jesus time were not as white as the current ones who are not easily distinguishable from Caucasians.

I find Romans 4 explains who the blessed descendants of Abraham really are: