The Chief Justice has spoken

“[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=5]Am not a politician and I work based on the principles of the oath of allegiance I took to serve Kenyans, I don’t support Jubilee or NASA or anybody. I just follow our constitution. Go ahead and conduct elections and if someone is not contented bring the petition with good evidence and I will act accordingly. Note that I only FEAR God.[/SIZE][/FONT]”

The President of the Supreme Court
The Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya
The Head of the Judiciary (One of the Three Independent arms of Government, besides the Parliament and [SIZE=2]presidency[/SIZE])
[SIZE=6]Justice Maraga

[FONT=Tahoma]Najua ushaona lakini lazima ukumbushwe. You are hereby allowed to comment or leave, like a court case loser. Court Dismissed[/FONT]


Hii tuliona battalion on the way…You are slow

Lazima wakumbushwe iwaume

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Rasta man passing through

Maraga is not god, neither is raila. We accept our man Uhuru because we realise that nobody is perfect, however he is the best chance this country has to grow and move forward.

What vision does someone who us begging to be elected just for one term have for this country??, none whatsoever he only has himslef to serve for that one term!


How did this religious fanatic pass through all the scrutiny, I believe like someone said the NSIS failed in their job.
Religion is supposed to completent government not the other way around.


Uhuru ni mlevi ,mwizi seasoned na kichaa kidogo


Is that the best you can do? Ata maraga alisema hajaiba…but you just want to believe what you want to eithet way…

Thats why this entire tantrum by the drunkard ‘king’ is funny. You’re insulting someone who said you had no wrong. Kweli mwizi ni mwizi tu. So they will ‘fix’ the supreme court with people who will call them thieves to their faces? Can’t wait!


The “tantrum” is because the will of the people has been subverted, remember hakuiba, he has a right to be angry but he has stated that he will respect that decision.

Inakaa una machungu mob sana…its like you already know raila hawezi shinda…so you are already trying to justify ni kwanini hatashinda by calling us theives every chance you get…so yes we are going to steal the elections if that is what you want to hear.

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Actually ni wewe una Machungu to start with…

Which peeeeopleeee! 8.2 million is a figure generated by a function not people. And the other millions who voted otherwise are goats ? chieth

Tungoje october ama namna gani?

Sawa. Na muache kusumbua Maraga. Hint : Fuata sheria, Maraga hamtapatana naye wrongside.

Tutasumbua yeye. Lakini haimanishi tunasumbua wakisii so mtulie. Na nyinyi muwache kusumbua uncle Chebukati

Who said that sabato are people of God? Sisi waislamu, pentekose, protestanti na wakatoliki tumekataa. Kunyweni soya polepole.

I see you’ve been handled. bottom line is the current president is a shell of his former self. Siku hizi ni mtu kuscratch matako .

Maraga mkabila msabato. Shetani 666 huyu.

sema ulikuwa unangoja anuse kidole yake ndio akusalimie ukapunyeto

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Relax bana