The Chicken or the Egg ..??

This for some of you is a Real Life Challenge …

You meet a really Hot Cougar who has an equally Hot Adult Daughter …


Question :
At some point , is the Daughter Fair Game … ???
Toa Maoni … :D:D

rexumbwa those are ugly transsexuals’. of late umekuwa na fetish ya trannies sanaa

Of late ama tangu aingie ktalk?

Mzee unajua hii ni ya wapi? Ingia xvideos wakusafishe mecho

no wonder 99% ya picha yeye huweka sura ni za ndume

Say your prayers in the name of St.Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

Wewe @rexxsimba yenyewe your taste in women is lacking…Yote tisa kumi starehe ya mbuzi si ya Ngombe

When in doubt, do both.

…ati hot?

Rexxumbwa meffi wewe

Define hot

The Question was very simple …
Your Faith Belief’s are your business … :smiley: :smiley:

hauwezi kula kuku na bado ushambulie kifaranga, too much?

Relax, he’s slowly coming out of the closet…

Those are not hot at all. Really cold ugly mbishes

Focus na daughter wake mama amepeana sana