The Chechen war.

Phew ! ! ! Some regions have never known peace.


Eish, inanuka kifo

Can’t imagine the casualties. We are told the Russians exterminated the Circassians population.
(Circassians, who were white, primeval, and supposedly close to God’s image for humankind, were cast as the most beautiful racial type. Yet Circassians were so decimated during the Caucasian War (1817-1864)—Russia’s battle to obtain access to the Black Sea—that few people today have even heard of them.)

The cross wars of the Ottoman Empire and Russia also did a lot to communities in between the region

On the other side Ottoman empire pia ili commit genocide on Armenians. Hapa Christians killed Muslims, in Armenia Muslims kileed Christians and mostly due to suspicions that you may side with the other power in the region you share a religion with

The Caucasian, spreading eastwards and westwards, has never know peace, since time in memorial.
These wars were nothing like we witnessed today. Back then , they used to exterminate whole group off people, just as in the bible.
If the mau mau rebellion had happened a 100 years earlier, kikuyu land would’ve started from river chania , to sagana river.

watched a documentary on the massacre, Turkey(formerly Ottoman) denies it ever happened and even Turkish young ones are not allowed to read about, man deny deny deny till it never happened

Historical Revisionism. In those days , they was alot of slavery to. Scandinavian women where sold in southern Europe.

And from 1924 to 1953, Stalin enslaved, killed and intentionally starved millions. USSR was hell on earth at the time. Ukiepuka kifo, labor camp inakungoja.

This region is where mzito Putin made his bones.

Halafu hapo kwa 1999, the leaders of the extremists alikua anaitwa Shamil Basayev. Moto ya kuotea mbali. There are several documentaries about him