The Canaanites

Those faces are of the same fellows who have spent interminable hours on stages silly-dancing and issuing fiery speeches about others lying low when their kinG and his 10 million army march into the gates of Canaan.

[SIZE=5]Oburu meets Uhuru team for unity deal with Raila[/SIZE]

Now they are sending their most cowardly conscripted private to the enemy in the deep of night with a white handkerchief?

It reaches a point man has to give up! And I think it’s time for RAT. Is Kamukunji (or where are they holding their mwitu swearing) sealed?

The cake is big brazza. A slice here and there can be spared for the meek ( read: white handkerchief).Everybody stays happy.

jacaranda dear- Iko karibu na soweto ile side ya Kayole. therr is a big field there.

What’s the cost of the slice of cake? A few fools dead here and there?

Sasa what do you do? Its sad but its a foregone cost.

He balked at swearing in but his sycophants plan to raid the city’s morgues, get a few props and dance with the corpses of Uhuru’s alleged victims. Dans macabre.

Rusha mawe, choma gari ya polisi, iba mali ya wenyewe, kaushwa pap!



Jubilee ingefanyia NASA vile Mwangi Wa Iria alifanyia Jamleck huko Ihura stadium, jamleck alipanga rally huko naye mwangj Wa Iria akatafuta malorry zikakesha zikimwaga manure huko akadai anataka kupanda nyasi uwanja ni ya county!

After decades of commercialized politics, the political rights, turn off on Jakom officially.
Luo Nyanza, either swim to prosperity, or sink.

Why should general makei and his flower girls get even a slice? Hapo ndio sielewi kapsaa. Our elections are winner takes it all. Wangoje twedy twedy tu warudi kwa debe wakishinda hatutaki slice ata moja…

No come back

Ndio nashangaa. Si pia Hillary alienda akikaukanga. And she had more grounds than these ragtag militia

Oburu is a very reasonable man

Naskia wamemwaga shite huko LOL