The BoycottKFC trending tag on twitter is testament as to why Kenya's illiteracy levels lead africa

It’s a free market, companies are free to source their inputs from wherever. The only thing countries can do is to make such undertaking unfavorable through taxation, levies and legislation.

KFC maintains high standards for it’s inputs. This includes starch levels, oil levels and pesticides use in it’s potatoes. This requires close and routine examination of the value chain. Kenya’s farmer extension services died in late 80s. Since then it’s has been everything-goes. Pesticide use is among the highest in the world.

KFC seeks it’s chicken and potatoes from Egypt. That’s all KFC franchises in Africa. You have to note, that Egypt sourced inputs is first, of high quality and two, produced with high level of honesty. Halaal chicken is truly halaal not some invention along some filthy farm


Halaal kitu gani?
Egypt is now more Shithole than Iziopia.

No wonder their menu is always overpriced if you compare with other eateries

From what I remember they couldn’t get the uniform potatoes they use from Kenya, closest source was Egypt, so if some Kenyan farmers can style up with support from our retard govt and farm said potatoes and gurantee a constant supply I dont see why KFC can refuse and save money !

Can’t relate i have only gone KFC once out of curiosity and it was OK… I am loyal to Sanford’s chipo mwitu for life.

True. But still, let’s boycott KFC.

[SIZE=7]negroes will be slaves forever… [/SIZE] juu brainwashing makes them hate their own stuff and love anything foreign…


Very true. Why can’t Kenyans grow their own quality potatoes and sell them to anyone who wants to make chips? Chips are just potatoes, they don’t acquire a higher nutritional value for having been sliced into small, thin, decorative pieces (very appealing to the eye by the way), served in a neat designer pack, and named fries. But they do acquire a higher marketing value for a certain class of people with disposable cash, when thus packaged.

@ChifuMbitika bitika kuja unimalizie hii cushite.

Bazungu think your porerros jigger infested and substandard,next to your legislators…nothing of quality comes out of vumbistant:D:D:D:D

This is just a tip of the shit we have in Africa. Even the cement used by Chinese constructors is not sourced locally. We import so many things that are available locally and nobody seems to care. It is an open economy!

I’ll annoy you and many other people by saying they are right, most of the time. Please don’t think I’m gauging us using their standards, or seeing us through their eyes, but that there is a lot we can do better in all areas, but we choose not to try. Maybe we don’t believe we can, or we frustrate those who try. Let’s raise that standard.

@Agwambo si alisema kuna local farmer anajua huwa anauzia KFC viazi.


I was wrong. After hii story itokee I actually called them for clarity. He says the suppliers are given the specs of potatoes and the markets to source them from. They come already peeled and seasoned and packaged ready for frying. Hii mambo ya sourcing outside kenya nikama ilinipita.

So Kenyans want to boycott KFC, potentially rendering thousands of Kenyan workers jobless, to protest against them not supporting the Kenyan market by sourcing potatoes locally?

It’s all about food safety, quality and specifications in terms of size and diameter.

EU has an approved list of chemicals to be applied at different stages of plant growth, farmers need all facilities and trained staff( with evidence) before inviting the internationally recognised CERTIFYING BODIES to do a detailed audit before awarding a renewable one year GLOBALGAP CERTIFICATE.

surveillance audits( un notified) are also done regularly to ensure all the requirements are followed.

Sample potatoes are also taken to the recommended chemical analysts( locally and abroad) for a detailed analysis on:-

  1. All chemicals used and if they strictly followed their spray program as it appears on their PPP.
  2. Quality of water used during irrigation & cleaning.
  3. Microbial contamination among others.

If that’s what you get from this entire chaos, start reading some economic books from class six.

Boycott KFC kama hawataki viazi zetu warudi kwao. Do you think they can pull such stunts in China. Wakwende tutakula Sonford.


Explain like I’m five.