The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking wolves are attacking his flock. When one actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf

hyuy mtu sasa asidiwe aje ?

mara sijui NIS is interfering with the registration of voters
oho sijui chiefs are threatening voters and IEBC officials in cord strong holds to make sure as few new voters as possible are registered in these areas
ati the voter register is messed up
you know all sorts of excuses that don’t make any head nor tail

what if something really happens

no one will believe him, watu watafikiria ni zile proji zake tu


In other words, the fresh IEBC he agitated for, recruited in full public view and all parties involved, is already compromised and in cahoots with the NIS.

Yes, the man is power-mad, ever since August 1, 1982.


@chuka uliona vile tulikaribisha Uhunye hapa @chuka ?


si jusi IEBC just accepted there were double registrations, or was I on ndrinks

hii inaitangwa :-
the last kicks of a dying horse



That is very good, a sign that they are alert and responsive, no?

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the double registration is mainly due to shared ID card numbers - definitely IEBC can not be blamed for this




so you see no problem there??? yet we are using new IDs as voter cards, or u don’t also know the new IDs are to be used as cards, if a system is working well country wide there is no way we can have a double entry

It is a problem , but a very minor problem as it consists of less than 1% of all registered voters , cant swing the vote in favor of any candidate
but it is being corrected as we speak

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kajwangs error or is it era?


soooo, ukiona moshi jua kuna moto. and you are the same people who claimed there was nothing like double registration! look at how contradictive you are, at times we need to speak the truth no matter our party affiliation


stop red herring come to the point and argue maturely

according to your intellectual reasoning, do u truly believe jubilee was behind the errors on the register ?

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IEBC did confirm there is double registration but that on its own does not enable rigging. what these people share is the ID number but before you vote you must identify yourself using your biometric details, fingerprints mainly, sharing an iD number does not prevent you from voting as "long as you are registered.

Then it was proved the ID sharing is random, guys from all over the country share ID.numbers, it is not restricted to specific regions.


Did kalonzo and wanjiru share same finger prints and facial structures?



I have looked at the arguments you have brought so far and I fear for your maturity.

One respondent told you that the IEBC has acknowledged the error, the other told you that only a statistically insignificant 1% is affected, another told you that the problem is being rectified, and yet another has just noted that the problem is nationwide and random.

At such a point, a mature person would stop repeating JaKuon and Kawiper’s lies.

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Baba alisema mambo ya NYS mkasema oohh propaganda ohhh siasa. Alafu.
Baba ni mtu iko connected sana inapata daily NIS report.


I also fear for your maturity “a mature person would stop repeating JaKuon and Kawiper’s lies” Have I mentioned Baba or Kawiper anywhere??? or you just want to drag them here??? If alarm was never raised IEBC would have not acknowledged the error the same way most people sayed ni porojo kama kawaida


No, you did not mention JaKuon or KaWiper, but have been regurgitating their impressions of a massive rigging operation and a grossly incompetent IEBC.