The “borrowed” joke

When JaKuon rephrased this ‘joke’ the other day, I was shocked to see fanatics hail his brilliance. They actually thought it happened. Obviously they’d never heard before but by now, you should have realized that the last original thought JaKuon had was lighting his own fart.

[I]One day, the Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak was visiting Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Najib Razak saw Robert Mugabe’s palatial mansion and exclaimed: “Robert! How did you afford this!”

Robert Mugabe led him to the balcony and said “You see those buildings? I took 10% each from them.”

Months later, Robert Mugabe visited Malaysia and was struck by the magnificence of Najib’s mansion, which was even bigger than his. He hurriedly asked Najib: “How in the world did you do this?”

Najib led Mugabe to the balcony and said: “See those buildings?”

Mugabe said: “What buildings?”

Najib said: “Exactly.”[/I]

meffi post… meffi thread … meffi VE


underline the part am supposed to laugh!

Born ocha.

I had seen that Joke on Quora weeks before baba made it by the way and I was already tired 2 seconds into it.

The original joke was even about a Nigerian president (think it was Abacha) and his Asian tiger counterpart visiting each other.

Sasa iyo joke ndo inawauma mbaya sana. Come on you with brains lesser than a monkey’s, the politicking season is over, wait until 2022