The body part that i wouldn’t mind losing.

Who knows, maybe missing a few toes will become a fashion in the next 20 years?!

My friend you’re smoking weed from 2090


Hii thread imefanya ni

Google the word “footsie” and thank me later son.

God was not drunk creating you that way.

Help start the trend!

Why on earth would u cut ur toes for fashion? U need to drink slot of milk coz what u are smoking is on another level

Hizi ndio nini sasa

This thread is bulls@#t

Be fashionable like myself, loose one ball.

I see what you did there mkubwa.


He he… Hio nayo! Au wacha tu.

How will they tag you in the morgue when you meet your maker

He he he, does it even matter?

Ask swaleh yule mdoe

hii ni saa zile umenunua sukuma wiki bachelor size hapo afya center alafu unajipata hauna phali ya kubebea,unashow wakufungie kwa thao unafika home unapata zimekauka

He he he!