The blues inauwa nyoka.

Hapana tambua villa.
City, Everton postponed .till 2021

inaonekana last-minute goals ndizo zitakua mob.
Leicester wameponea after kufunga 80th minute.

Chelsea ndio watafunga 80th kujikomboa ama ni Villa watafunga kudraw?

[SIZE=5]How the stats stack up[/SIZE]
Chelsea v Aston Villa (17:30 GMT)
Chelsea have won 10 of their last 11 Premier League matches against Aston Villa, including the last six in a row.
Villa have not won at Stamford Bridge since a 3-1 Premier League victory in December 2011. It is Villa’s only away success in this fixture in 18 years.
And despite losing three of their last four Premier League matches, Chelsea are unbeaten in six home games, winning four and drawing two.
Meanwhile, Villa’s only away league loss came at West Ham on 30 November, winning all five of their other games on the road.

Nashuku swara mwenyewe amekutuma…

The blues wanakimbizwa kama sunguch in a road

Prepare for a jack Grealish winner at 83rd minute.

Kuna link wadau?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^search

the goal


We need to save face jameni. Am watching them thru my fingers as they are v likely to disappoint us loyal stupid mafans by close of play.

ati because city two city player have covid then game ina postponiwa pure bullshit, Guardiola alijua kichapo imefika and corrupted his way through

iko 1-1 my deer

football fans wameleta shida.
wanadai ange forfeit game na Everton wapewe 3 points.
but anaeza kua amepostpone game iwekwe katikati ya very important Games-Champions League



Uncle nataka Villa walimwe. Sitaki kuwaona anywhere near top 6.

It was 1-0 when I posted. Now look at the shame! hakuna kusherehekea Chelsea until the whistle blows.

A draw is the best result for Man United, we need as huge a gap as possible between us and Chelsea, Totte and City if we are going to have a chance to compete for the title

A two-horse race is easier for a work-in-progress team like ours

also, the next game after tomorrows is against Villa on Friday and our game in hand is against Villa.
so a draw is better to also keep Chelsea at bay

pole usijali mungu atawabariki :D:D:D:D:D

I wish you saw this poll just the same way @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii read it before the game

this is pure corruption ilikuwa Jesus na walker walikuwa wamiss game za everton, Man U na Chelsea , Guardiola ameamua atafute time ya kujipanga